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Question: Can the kit.BMP files be in 24 bit or must it be in indexed colors befor import.
Works fine with 24 bit, but I have trouble having over 10 new kits in my fifa. It crashes if 2 new kits from the same ZDATA.big fil meets in a game. It does not crash if only one of the teams are new..... I wonder why! :nape:


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How to make black show on a kit

1. Open your texture and set it to multiply.

2. Set your base colour to #1E1E1E or RGB 30,30,30.

3. Make a new layer, then use the paint bucket to fill it with the black foreground colour and drag that layer beneath the texture layer.

4. Duplicate the texture layer

5. Set the blending mode to Screen

6. Click on the bottom most texture layer and go to Image>Adjust>Brightness/Contrast

7. Set Brightness to -100 and click OK, go back to the Brightness/Contrast tab and now turn the brightness down to an amount which looks correct to you. (I had to turn mine down by -220)

Their you go your black colour should look something like this:


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Kitraptor... but when I download kits from the threads it is mostly in .png format. But I think the problem is the way I convert the files into .bmp . I am using ACDsee to convert the files. What are others using???


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can someone plz tell me how to make the little circles pattern on the shorts i want to know how to make them and be able to stroke it like the ones on hagi's bayern kit


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How to draw good seems and lines on a kit

This tutorial is the hardest I have done so far so hopefully people will test it for me and tell me of any problems they encounter with it so I can refrain it in future...

OK lets get started

I make my kits in a way which most Kit makers don't make their own. I have a .PSD for each part of my kit. A picture might explain it...

1. Open the part of the kit you want to edit, I'll use the front I made in earlier tutorial on how to show black on a kit.

2. Select the bottom colour layer (which should be black (#1E1E1E) if you followed the black tutorial) and then choose the Rectangle Tool

and make sure the top left hand corner looks like this...

3. Now with the foreground colour #1E1E1E drag the square tool over the kit which should look something like this

4. Choose the Direct Selection Tool

5. With the Direct Selection Tool click on the outline of the square and you will see dots appear at all of the corners, now all that has to be done is dragging it to the shape which you want.

6. Two tools which you will find really useful when doing this are these two:

Pen Tool - This allows you to add new points to the square meaning you have more control over it and can maneuvre the shape into different positions
Convert Point Tool - This allows you to reset points and by clicking and dragging a point with it you can widen the angle also.

7. Now that you have the desired shape

you need to add line effects to it, just double click on the layer and an effects screen will popup.


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Part 2...

8. Here are what effects I will use on this kit to gain the 3D line effect
Stroke - Colour:#2E2E2E

Inner Glow - Colour:#000000

Outer Glow - Colour:#000000

which should look something like this

9. Most kits usually have mesh mirrored on the other side, so instead of having to make another with the same point in the smae places all you have to do is hold the ALT button and with the Direct Selection Tool selected, click and drag the shape to the other side and use edit>transform>flip horizontal.

By doing this you should end up with this...

Finally once you add other layers below and beneath your kit will start to take shape with lines dissapearing behind other layers.

Please remember if you have any difficulties with this tutorial please say something about it so I can make it clearer for other people to understand too.

KAKA 500

curswine said:
How to make simple mesh

1, Open a new image, 4x4px, Transparent

2, Zoom in on this new canvas, 1600%, till it wont become any bigger

3, Select the Pencil Tool and change the brush to "Hard Round 1 Pixel"

4, Choose your colour for the mesh i.e. if red (#FF0000) I will choose a darker shade namely (#D00000)

5, Colour in the canvas with the Pencil Tool as shown in the picture below.

6, Now go to Edit > Define Pattern... and click OK

7, Now the pattern has been loaded into Photoshop so you need to apply it to your kit. Double click the layer you want to apply it to on the Layers tab, tick Pattern overlay and find your pattern.

8, Adding a few more effects and you should now have your mesh looking a bit like this

You can also try making your own mesh patterns, the pattern above isn't the one I use, on my mesh I have added some opaque brush strokes and very low lighter and darker layers.

Happy mesh making!

How do you change the brush to "Hard Round 1 Pixel"? Can you give me a picture


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KAKA 500 said:
on Adobe Photoshop 7.0 how do you make kits shiny?

Could you give an example of what you mean by shiny because sometimes it is just the texture which makes the kit look shiny.

KAKA 500

something like using screen opacity and brightness/contrast adjusting. I didn't quite get what the other guys said pages ago.