Kit Request Thread


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Mumbaikar;3685881 said:
they have already been made, by many people!

where? only found one on moddingway and it's not great not even so similar, can u show me where if youknow where?


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Hi guys anyone able to help me? I'm wanting a full set of kits making of my own design however I'm no good with templates like the fifa template.

Could someone make me my range in fifa templates in whatever colour scheme you would like. All images are either sky/white or sky/black



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Hi guys, please tell me how to make FIFA 14, so that all players were Techfit jerseys. If I have installed mod Moddingway. Thanks in advance.


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Portugal Nike Away/GK Kits for WC 2014

I will be very pleased if someone make Portugal Away and GK kit of the WC 2014

Images Below

Portugal Away Kit 2014

Portugal GK Kit 2014

Please Tell me if you cut!

Please Make them


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Ok question does anyone still have that old Africa Unity Kit? i have been looking for it for a while and this seems to be my last resort xD


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Trainingshirt FC Schalke 04 :)