kit raptor


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i am having a problem installing kits to fifa 2005 with kit raptor.
i load the bitmap and click the import button but after that i just keep getting a error message "this kit is not in the game" and the kit doesnt install
anyone help out there


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Kit is not in the game

happens to me also always with the GK Kit
Examples de GK of Boca, PSV Eindh, Hearts of the SPLeague, someone knows why?


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Unfortunately a lot of Gk kits that are not present in the original database as specific for a team can't be replaced simply with Kit Raptor...There's a quite complicated process (that needs also Access) to activate them for the team you want (someone more expert cant tell you)...Otherwise, you can wait the Creation Centre, that quite surely will give also the option of activating specific Gk kits for those teams that originally haven't got them.