Kit installation


Club Supporter
Hi, i'm having a bit of trouble installing some kits for fifa.

You see, when i install the kits (namely the man u ones on this page: via kitraptor v2.0 the kits just come out all black. ie i might as well have downloaded a 512X1024 image that is totally black. In the game i can only see the player names and numbers on the kits, nothing else but black anywhere else.

I have other kits installed on top of my game and they all seem to work fine, infact, it just seems to be the kits from the 'Kits Forum' that are giving me the said problem; kits from the actual download centre all work fine for me.

I've tried several things to try to fix it, installing older drivers, lowering the graphics settings, etc, but i'm still getting the same results.

Am i missing something, is there another way of isntalling kits, or is this just an exclusive problem?

Cheers, look forward to your responses.


Reserve Team
I've been having the same problem. The only way is to re-save the file and lower the save settings to 256k bitmap. Then it works but the quality is reduced