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Well, this to me is a mystery and not know what else I can do.
I can not enable the CM, these packs. An example: VfB Stuttgart

kit_36_0_0.rx3 (home Ok)
kit_36_1_0.rx3 (Away Ok)
kit_36_2_0.rx3 (GK Ok)
kit_36_3_0.rx3 (Third Ok)
kit_36_4_0.rx3 (Alternate Ok)

Now is the puzzle is:
kit_36_6_0.rx3 (Training 1)
kit_36_7_0.rx3 (Training 2)

kit_36_8_0.rx3 (Alternate Ok)

6 kit is as undefined and not ALTERNATE.

Does anyone know why this happens? What is the correct procedure to enable more kits in these packs.
Because KITMAKERS always add (4,6,7,8), but at Creation Master not recognize.

OBS.: I appreciate if someone give me an answer, and I ask the moderators to not lock up or /deletem the topic, at least for now. I do not know where else I can ask for clarification.


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what´s the problem , kits appear as undefined but you can use the kits in matches, however those kits will appear when you choose the practice arena


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So it's normal. I did not know. Imagined to be a bug, or wrong procedures he was doing.
But anyway, it is quite strange. The KITMAKERS FIFA Infinity add kits (6.7) in the ID's training. I will not do so, I will change the order. :S

Thank you for your response. I had to edit stopped here, without knowing why. hehehe