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That's one fine year for brazilian football.

In the past, we use to call 'killers' or 'matadores' players with unlikely talent to score.

Now, they're goalkeepers. No, I'm not talking of no goalie that can perform as Chilavert or Rogerio Ceni. Although this one already scored some pretty amazing free kicks and penalties.

Bruno, Flamengo's gloved number 1 was arrested tonight. He's been indicted for the assassination - as this is an obvious police conclusion - of Elisa Samudio, porn actress and his 'mistress'. She's missing since the 4th of June. He has a son with her and aparently, the girl had troubled him with complaints and demands related to his fatherhood.

Two of Bruno's friends, who actually acted as goons took care of Elisa's - until last night - disappearance. A minor and "Macarrão" (Maccaroni) a hometown friend. The minor confessed his participation in the crime - by hitting her with the gun inside Bruno's car, driven by Macarrão, leaving a huge blood track on the car seat while taking her to Bruno's property in the countryside. He was waiting in the backseat, hiding. Eliza had her son with and the little baby was taken inside the property.

According to the minor's testimony, after that, a tall man, called Neném (Babe) tied Eliza and sufocated her. Moments later, he appeared with a black sack going towards the kennel where four rotweillers were fed with Eliza's chopped body. Her bones were thrown in a hole, digged inside the kennel and covered with concrete.

At a Rio's precinct, tv cameras could capture Bruno's talk with his lawyer: "Now, any chances of being in World Cup 2014 are over for me. Definitely".

The minor tried as hard as he could to claim for Bruno's innocence, although his testimony was at most, quite contradictory. Bruno was taken to the Precinct tonight and soon will follow to his hometown precinct, since that was the city where the crime happened.

Olimpikus, Flamengo and Bruno's sponsor, broke up with him. All of his products personalized with his name under his number and a printed autograph are out of shops. They also press Flamengo to break their contract with him, which may happen even tomorrow.



Early in this year, Flamengo's players have been envolved in a huge mess with some of Adriano's friends, drug dealers. In a party at the "Morro" (the hills where Rio's slums are) Adriano's girlfriend behaved scandalously, tossing stones and kicking Adriano and his friends' cars, including Bruno's. He went straight to her, and hitted her, as Adriano asked one of the armed drug dealer's goons to tie her to a tree. While hitting her, Bruno yelled: "You won't damage my car, you b**ch!"

When asked about it, Bruno, surrounded by reporters, answered: "Everyone fights with women. Everyone discusses and sometimes, things go too hot. Who never slapped a woman before?"

I never did, neither chopped (a) mother of my children.
Good luck, Bruno.
You don't deserve it...but you'll SURE need it.

Daniel David

Youth Team
I can't help but draw a parallel with John Terry's affairs. Around the same time frame he lost England's armband "merely" due to sleeping the wife of a team mate the captain of Brazil's biggest club got away with his public image essentially unaffected after his women-beating declarations...