keyboard help


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I damaged my joystick and I’m playing with keyboard now. Have few questions there:

1) how can I jump in free kick situation (what is the required key)
2) What dummy move/cancel button (z) does?
3) I can do just two tricks with C and Shift how can I do the rest of tricks (like zidane trick that pc does very much)?


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strangem nobody ever jumped in free kicks and nobody ever used keyboard tricks. I feel everyone are busy with faces and CM08.


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Everybody jumped on free kicks and everybody made tricks with the keyboard but everybody it's a little bit busy right now so nobody has time for your questions.

My advice : buy another joystick if you are not smart enough to use a keyboard.


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to jump the wall, it's your through ball button (i think it's W but i always change mine so i can't remember exactly)

Stevi G

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The cancel/dummy move does nothing special. Whn shooting press the cancel/dummy move with the shoot button to perform a placed shot. For example ur cancel/dummy move is with C and shoot with D u press and hold C and than D to perform a laced shot.

You can figure hw to do tricks by typing " FIFA 08 skills tutorial pc" on youtube. Hope this will help u