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Would you be willing to pay between several people for the faces of top players?

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    Votes: 7 30.4%
  • No

    Votes: 16 69.6%

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Scott Adkins

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Paypal i think.
Yes, I know about PayPal ,but the problem is that I am now in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. We have satellite Internet here, but it is very slow and limited. So for now, I can send money only to Russia or Ukraine. I can do this transfer via some other member of our community if someone would be interested


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This facepack contains:
Saîf-Eddine Khaoui (Caen)
Liam Boyce (Burton Albion)
Pedro Gallese (Alianza Lima)
William Troost-Ekong (Udinese)
José Luis Rodríguez (Alavés)
Adolfo Machado (The Strongest)

Gallese in Fifa 14 please


Youth Team
Seems a bit excessive to want us to pay for player faces in FIFA, wouldn't you earn more from affiliate links and a donation option (because more people would download if it was a free link with ads)?

Paying for video game mods is quite ridiculous in my opinion - mods like the HUGE ProMods map for Euro Truck Sim 2, I can understand why that costs money, but even that is only 1 Euro (or alternatively multi-part ad supported download). How much are you planning to charge for a face?

I am not trying to be rude, I appreciate the hours of work that has gone into these faces - however nobody, not one person, will pay for Dejan Lovren, even though it is a very good face that many people would download if it was free with ads.

Maybe you could have an option for a download link with ads for each individual face and one link with many faces all together where it costs a small amount to download?

Advertisement does not generate any money.

They made more than 5000 dowloados in my conversions and so far I have not won 4 dollars in ads.


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THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I waited a long time for Benesebaini. It was done by another maker a long time ago and the download link does not work.
Youcef Atal is the real talent of Nice, the future star!
Edison Flores is a very funny player. At the World Cup all the time having fun and smiling)