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karron97;3889178 said:
There are good and bad news:
Good: I will include Dybala and Totti
Bad: I'm really busy right now, and I don't know when I will release the facepack

Oh thats too bad...can you release even just Gabigol?


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My new work!
Jeison Murillo


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Boleiro;3892832 said:
Murillo already done in good state.

make Felipe Pardo,Harold Preciado,Fabián Castillo,Jefferson Lerma,Gustavo Cuéllar,Rafael Borré,Jarlan Barrera among others...

sorry my bad english.

I give a sh*t that he has already been done :fuck:
I'm tired of all your comments on the forum :facepalm: (N)


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Boleiro;3892860 said:
okay,but you not tire of do the that the others already made??

All versions of each of the new faces are different, any facemaker works similar

Boleiro;3892860 said:
you it seems Japanese.
not creates nothing,only improves the that the others created.

"you it seems Japanese
not creates nothing"

WTF?!! HAHhahahahahha You made my day

Tell me something that you've done..