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karron97's Faces Updates


Youth Team
Facepack Release

Thanks for comments, but i still think that the V1 is the most similiar :Shifty:, in the facepack are both versions.

Falcao- Facetexture base by UTO
Carlos*son - ajnapivo89
Arias - karron97 :)
Keserü - WWT (Request's Paweł )
Kroos - facetexture base by AmaroWaade
Meyer - wichanwoo



Youth Team
berxeneize;3817753 said:
Thanks, fantastic facepack. Regards
LuFe7;3817759 said:
thanks for excellent pack bro
bizzybg;3817761 said:
Nice conversions dude, and that Arias is amazing ;).
☆MoonlighT☆;3817768 said:
saph86;3817837 said:
Thanks dude. :clap:
coxlenox;3817838 said:
thanks for faces!
Paweł 2010;3817887 said:
Great faces thx for keseru.

Thanks for comments!! It helps a lot! :)
victopar95;3817983 said:
Amazing facepack! Can you release your second update of Ménez?
I will remake the hair but with agüero's hair model ;)