Just as bad as the rest of the Fifa titles..


Youth Team
I think it is a decent game. Although it is rather lacking in depth, I think. There aren't many modes of play to choose from. I'm not sure that it really is worth £30, I would advise anyone thinking of buying it to maybe wait till it comes down in price.


Youth Team
being a pes-gamer, who still prefers konami's games, i've played UEFA CL05, just because of some positive reviews. I have to agree that EA has improved the gameplay in UCL a lot, though we8i/pes4's gameplay is still better and more realistic(however UCL has got a great presentation and full licences).
But, do u think fifa street can compete with both of these games, not in cases of realism but just in cases of fun and motivation to play the game for months (like the pes-series and maybe UCL)?