watched Juno last night and I completly loved it. very short, very to the point, with no extra scenes or dialogue. its just perfect.

Ellen Page who I loved in Hard Candy plays the 16 year old title character who gets pregnant by her best friend (Arrested Development and Superbad's Michael Cera) and decides to have the baby and give it up for adoption. she founds the perfect couple for her baby in Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner. JK Simmons plays Juno's dad.

Ellen Page's words come out flawlessly, and she's beautiful and really perfect here. Michael Cera is funny. awkward funny. I just look at him and laugh. he's great. Jennifer Garner is the other highlight. very emotional.

the screenplay is by former stripper Diablo Cody, and while the first 10 or 15 minutes annoyed the hell out of me with way too many one-liners and too much slang, after that it was paced better and its perfect. an Oscar nom and even a win for best original screenplay would be good.
the movie is directed by Jason Reitman, who wrote and directed the very great Thank You For Smoking in 2006. I think Juno is a step down for him as a director, as his work is very normal here, and the movie really belongs to its script.

the movie will be very possible Oscar nominated, which I think it doesnt deserve. If it wasnt being talked up for awards by the critics then I wouldnt think about it that way. yes, its a beautiful film and very easy to watch (I could watch it every day for a week and love it each time), but its too small a film I think. its not ambitious. its still one of my favorites of the year, I just think that there are better films out there.

PS: loved the music by Kimya Dawson (http://www.amazon.com/Juno-Music-Motion-Picture/dp/B00122O34O). the final song, Anyone Else But You performed in the movie by Ellen Page and Michael Cera is excellent (Y)

very recommended (Y)(Y)(Y)


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Gotten a lot of pretty good reviews looking forward to seeing it, but i have to wait till next month.


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This is a good movie. Watch it. It's a quirky movie that's different from other genres, breath of fresh air.

The cast is fits the characters well. Personally I wasn't too impressed with boyfriend Michael Cera.

Father of Juno does a good job, so does Jennifer Garner, who has continually shown her versatility recently, from Alias to the Kingdom and now Juno.


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Hakeem;2469349 said:
watched Juno last night and I completly loved it. very short, very to the point, with no extra scenes or dialogue. its just perfect.

Very well summed up. Enjoyed it immensely also. Seems to be getting a lot of stick on the Imdb boards, but I guess that is only to be expected as a backlash of its quick rise to fame.

Can't see how you could hate this film. A real little gem.

My only beef is with Michael Cera. Yes he plays the character well, BUT it's hard to not see him as the same boy as in Superbad. It's basically the same shifty, indecisive, teenage loser type guy but in a non comedic film. That's a bit of a shame, maybe they could have cast someone else. Other than that, the performances are great (Page and Garner especially).

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Underrated Juno performance: Juno's girl-friend. I can't even remember her character's name but I thought she was great.


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Just love the end where she goes into labour and shouts "Thundercats are goooooooo!" (H)