Jose Mourinho is back on track - on Setanta Sports...


Youth Team
It's so funny. Especially his accent, and his typical phrases like "Why not, why not.." :D

"cabbage man Capello".. :D

- What do you think of the Ameobi situation?
- I think this is the worst call of my life! Shut up Dave!!!

Ruben Sosa

El Jovato
"You can text the show, special premium rates apply I think, maybe ₤10 per text, I think, so do it, why not?"

"Are you happy with new England coach? We have to return the England team to former glories, so, if you want to make sure that England go out after agonizing penalty shoot-out at quaterfinal stage in next three tournaments, you have two choices: Happy with cabbage man Capello, text "Happy"; not happy with cabbage man, text "Not Happy". Do it."

"No no no, I am going down on my knees, gaffer, please."
"Get up Drogba, and give the phone back to Claude."

"Why you defy me?"
"Who is this?"
"I told you, no more job in England. Why you defy me?"

Hilarious stuff.