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andy jonah

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this mode is for the frosty editor
-new database as of 16th june 2018
-new skills
-all stadiums licenced and unlocked including training pitches,journey all
-boots,kits,balls unlocked
-sm adboards ,champions league
for local.ini copy and paste it FIFA18/DATA and replace

its contains new game play
better passing,shooting,goal keeper,better CPU intelligence
better tackling and more

link to download

made some new changes and fixed the bug in career mode

CREDITS to paulv2k4 for gameplay...................
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This your first gp mod? Cool, I will try it because of that. Thanks. And thanks for Mediafire; all the dummies who use those trash upload sites, man...


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hi andy,

I will risk sounding like other "modders" on here but,

I've checked your gp file. It would be nice if you gave a little credit to the others who supplied the exact values your using. Some of it is a direct copy of mine, some of it beta's, some of it Fidel's, and i would guess that other parts have been taken from other's too?

By seeing this, i doubt any of the other stuff is your own too. Have you just compiled a list of mods? then that is fine too! just mention what they are.

andy jonah

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yah i just compiled and thought i wud make it better i mean we also do it we love fifa if i have made a personal mode n its really fine y not share it with others only thing is that i forgot to put credits..........

tiamo samir

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Thank you
for sharing the wonderful mod and I have a problem face zlatan ibrahimovic and tried to add the face mod but did not change. Is the solution my friend? and if possible to upload Additions Mod discrete like boots,kits,balls adboards ,champions league and squad file.
I am sorry for my bad language and thank you for your patience.