Jerseys in winter?


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One point that is extremely annoying in FIFA 12 to me is you cannot select any summer or winter season before entering the match. That leads to short jersey sleeves in the middle of december - february, only when selecting a rainy or snowy weather condition the players do wear long jerseys no matter which time of the year is being played at.
Thus far I figured myself out that rain drops ain't displayed when having AA and AF turned on in the graphics driver menu so you gain the impression of playing in winter but the ball physics are different obviously compared to dry conditions.

Is it somehow possible to have the players wear jerseys according to the respective season (summer = short | winter = long)?


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I know, it sucks it's EA's lazyness at it's best. It's just plain silly. Apparently only rains in winter, the nights are always warm and if it's sunny, it's hot. I'm not being very productive here but I think it'll require a lot of knowledge to change such things... maybe Fidel can help us...


i have aa & af at max & i see both rain & snow falling when i play, everytime its raining or snowing.

im sure there is a way to enable long sleeves in certain seasons of the year, it just hasnt been figured out yet.

usually i figure these things out but until we know we can add leagues to career mode w/o replacing other leagues i have decided to stop editing & only play online.


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Not to mention while editing, it's:
1=Longsleeves only
2=Longsleeves with turtleneck
3=Underarmour compressed
4=Underarmour mock (turtleneck)

Yeah, they really have to fix this. That's why they termed it seasonal jersey but they don't apply it. Bloody. The PS2 version is better sometimes.


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Thanks for your replies guys!
I mean, as you just said, its just stupid. All these little details EA has messed up may make me consider PES the better game this year.

BTT: I'll let you know when I have found the option that made the rain disappear. Maybe its possible to edit the game in a way the rain does not bias the matches...

EDIT: I think I figured it out: with AA & AF maxed out the rain disappears after minimizing the game with Alt+TAB while playing the match - give it a try