It's easy to play againts 6 stars.


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U rite, I dont want revolution but a little bit tictical improvement of AI,..

O yea, btw, Chinese is choose is for business purpose only and their adi**s kit.


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Originally posted by houston3721
yes, China was the first country to invent football long time ago. But i would like to see Hong Kong replacing China in PES5 :p

i m a Hong Kong person but Hong Kong is not a country so all Hong Kong people are Chinese that means People's Republic of China people. however many of us, HK people, dont like China because of their policy. they have no democracy at all. we dont want to say we are Chinese....

in one world-cup qualifier game HK Vs China and we lose 0-7. However China still couldnt get into the next stage coz another team (forget which one) beat Malaysia with 6-1 which makes them have a better goal defference record. after that Hong Kong team is blamed by fans of China that why didnt we lose 0-8 to let China go into the next stage.

China invented football????? Where the hell you get this information????


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you guys are idiots

WHO CARES WHO INVENTED IT?? what matters is who is good

thats like saying.. uruguay should be automatically qualified in the World Cup cause they won it first...

i do think there are other countries that are better in Europe and South America that are not in the game


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China definitely deserves a place in pes.

Soccer is the most popular sports in China, we have a very successful league, our clubs are as good as japan or korean clubs(you may check the record of those asian club cup or something)

I admit that the national team really sucks...but we still get the second in the asian cup 2004.

The tv station in China broadcast european league matches every week(all 5 major leagues, uk, italy, germany, spain and france) and also champion league...
We broadcast EVERY match when it comes to World Cup, European Cup or even American Cup.
And all these are totally free!!!
in fact, the tv station earns a lot by advertisement...because so many people watch the match.
Now, I moved to's just....I can only download soccer match from Chinese website...

As to PES...
I started playing this game when it was still a 2d game on SFC...the game became popular in china when it comes to we3, 3d game on ps1...I still remember those happy moments when playing we3 with my friends...

Do you know that some pes fans in china already made a Chinese version pes patch...and the chinese commentary will also be released within a month...(you have tens of thousands of audio files to replace...I really admire their enthusiam in this game)

oh...there are also some we8 leauges...and in a recent we8 cup, the total prize reaches 80000 yuan that is ten thousand us dollars...

My english is poor...I wrote all these above just to show that we really deserves a place in the field of soccer...

In fact, in the past our olympic team was also poor...I believe someone might also have said that China doesn't deserve a place in olympic...

I'm chinese, but I don't think china invented soccer...there truly was a very popular ball game in china, about 500-600 years ago. Many parts of that game is quite similar to soccer, but anyway, it's still quite different...


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those idoits from HongKong are ****... u people just suck, i don't wanna argue whether u people are chinese or not. i just wanna say that u should be sorry to ur parents or maybe ur grandparents or grand grandparents. shame on you!!!

to Dragon, since u are in US, then i will show u how great the China team is, my MSN: [email protected], anytime.
doesn't matter which team u use, i will kick ur ass


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hhaha 6 star com got hardcore tackling.....nothing else

but....i cant say it's easy, coz com's long pass is so fine...header is so good...

i just dont blow it.....for real tho...