ISS PE2 & WE2000 u23 editor



Please excuse my ignorance Chau , i'm not very technical.

What will your Editor do........?

Will we be able to import this new information from the P.C. into the PS1 game?


Is this for a future P.C. version of the game?


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Many people including myself play ISS using an emulator on a PC. Some of us actually create an BIN image of the PlayStation CD and keep it on our PCs (this is done by using CDRWin). We can then play this fine game using an emulator (epsxe or PSEmu Pro) which supports reading from an BIN or ISO file.

Being on a PC's HDD, the BIN image can be modified. This is what WEEd does. You can use it to modify rosters, team and player's attributes etc... You can even assign different kits to different teams. The limitation is that the kits being assigned have to be already in the game as we still don't know the graphic formats of ISS as yet.

Walxer, whom I am working with on this editor, also discovered how to import WAV files into the game's call names.

And the good thing is after the BIN image's been modified, you can always burn it to a CD to use on your PSX.

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Great! In fact I know that Walxer has changed all the International Teams into Serie A teams, that's a cool idea.
So if there is a way to import Wav file that means the call-names can be changed. But on the other hand, that means some Call-names have to be taken out rite, so I guess we can't have ethe best of both worlds.

though I am not Chau, I can answer that for him, ISS PE2 BIN file is 650Mb on my hard disk.