Is this game any good?


Reserve Team
Downloading the demo, but it won't be done til late, so I was wondering if this game is any good. I know FM2006 is better but does Fifa Manager stand up to it? I'm liking the 3D sim but is the gameplay realistic. I don't want blow out scores every time.

Is the management good too?

What are your thoughts?


Senior Squad
FM06 is better than FIFA manager but yes FIFA Manager 2006 is a huge improvement on tcm 05. more user-friendly and has a better interface. Management is quite good and there is improvement in areas like stats and press etc. 3d match mode is also better and now you can also analyze stats in detail after the matches.

There are still too many stupid bugs though and the game crashes quite a few times.



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Thanks I'm considering getting it after playing the demo. It feels easier and looks better.

FM2006 is just too complicated. :nape:


Team Captain
Hey what are the features of the demo? I mean... is the playing time limited (to 6 month maybe?)? Which leagues feature in the demo?

Am planning to download the demo and then will buy it if its good. The prob is that my connection is damn too slow (128k DSL) :(