Is this a BUG ?????


Reserve Team
Okay, I wanted to modify the starting 11 to make a roster update and this happened
After i updated the whole 1st French league ( 20 teams ) , the premiership ( 20 teams ) and a few of the 1. Bundesliga ( 5 or 6, I don't remember ) it was impossible to go any further.
Every new change for another team went back to the desktop :(
So , I would not be surprised if you can only change not more as 45-50 teams with the internal CC
It would be helpful if someone else could make the same experiment.
I hope I'm wrong, but I fear that this internal Creation Center ?? is a piece of sh*t
And the worst thing about it ,is EA never tell us what the real possibilities ( or rather limitations )
Who knows for ex. how many players we can create ?

PS: For those interested in rosters editing here are some players transfers to make( forgotten by EA )

French LFP1
Fiorese from Paris Sg to Marseille
Chedli from Sochaux to FC Istres
Odemwingie from La Louviere ( Belgium ) to Lille
Nilmar from Internacional ( Brasil ) to Lyon

D.Carter from Birmingham to Sunderland
S.John from Birmingham to Coventry
M.Mackay from Norwich to West Ham

You could also create Djorkaeff in Blackburn and Coridon in Paris ( he plays RM in the starting 11 and replace Fiorese )