is there suggestions to reduce online lag?


Reserve Team
Please help. I have 4 meg broadband, Athlon 3500+ processor with 1 gb memory and 256 mb Gforce 6800, but everygame I have lag problems which my oponents dont seem to have. My ping is on average about 160 which isnt the highest but even when I play against pings 300 or more I have trouble with one touch football impossible and response is almost a second late.
When I first log on I get this error msg (atached), dont know if everyone does.
Anyone have any suggestions?


Youth Team
connections in Fifa change very randomly. Dont know what to say. But a second late lag is rare!!! My connection is not as good as yours, but i have never had that problem. Neither i have had that error msg. There should be something wrong with your computer, i dont think is the connection speed.


Senior Squad
That's the only thing that sux about PC gaming. If it's not one thing it's another. Always some technical difficulty. Too high maintainance :nape: