is PES6 worth buying for N. America


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Should i wait for xbox360 or get it for PC. How are the servers now. Can we play europen players without the horrible lag? Are there alot of USA players in europen lobbies ? Any input is appriciated. I just wanted to know few things before i went out and spent $50 on the pc version.


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good question,

Although pro e 6 is not next gen on the 360 (although there is higher resoulutions) - I am going to wait on the 360- but thats mainly because I'm over pc gaming- it takes me days to get stuff to work smoothly...

the euro 360 version seemed to have medicore - online play -however the north american version should be much better


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I'm in Wisconsin, I bought the game on Ebay from a UK dealer. Works great for me, and I would suggest buying it on PC instead of XBOX360 simply for all of the excellent OPT files, kits, boots, adboards, etc...that people create and post for download. Makes the game look amazing.

As for online play...
I play all the time on the servers and have never had a problem with lag, except when I played against a guy from Hong Kong and I'm on a 3mb cable connection.

This is the one place that PES really kicks EA's ass. I have a horrible time playing FIFA07 online. Not sure why, but I think it's the way EA has set up their servers.

My advice: get it, and install all the cool patches, then play it online.


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My buddy sent me the game last month from Ireland, once you get it updated with all those downloadable add-ons you wont even think about the 360 or ps2 versions, you can even go online with everything updated!!,awesome.


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Are there any groups where we can get some North Americans playing together? I've been playing against euro's and it's not bad but I'd like to play some locals.


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playing in usa

i playa every night ..only usa players theres always a few
there is also an organized league!! i.e the guy above mentioned.....their pole suggested nearly all were ordering pes6!

my pes 6 should arrive monday $30 worth buying while i wait for WE 2007 in january

playing v euros is laggy so only play wid 3 green arrows v usa! different game