is it possible to play Fifa2003 with 8mb video memory?

Joao Pinto

Youth Team
I can't play Fifa 2003 on my computer. When i get to the pre game screen it loads, but never finishes loading. It looks like its loading but the actual game never comes on.

This also happened to me with GTA3. However it works fine on my laptop. I know nothing about computers but is there a way to switch the video cards from my laptop to my computer?

Anyway, is there a way to get around the problem of not having 16mb? Like lower some settings or something?


Club Supporter
you're going to have to get a new card

nvidia: GeForce2 and up (maybe gf1 ?)
ati: radeon and up
3dfx: voodoo3 and up
matrox: ???

i dont think you can switch cards from notebook (laptop) to desktop (computer).

edit: i recommend those video cards to play the game a decent FPS (frames per second). you might want to go future proof and buy a gf4 ti4200 or radeon 9500 pro.