Ipswich Prossies...


Sir Calumn

Ipswich prostitutes are all real nymphos...

... they're just dying for a shag


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Police are urging anybody in Ipswich that wants sex before Christmas to hurry up and get in while stocks last.


police have apparantely narrowed down the search for the killer.
RobbieD_PL said:
Don't you mean "There's no justice in mob justice." ?
Filipower said:
i'm pretty sure he meant like

Mob justice is quick and inexpensive, that's what I like about it. Who wants a long, drawn-out process where you have to pay for judges, lawyers, jurors, not to mention cops, investigators, etc.? Sure, the mob doesn't always get it right, but neither does the legal system. I mean, look at OJ.

I like things cheap and fast, just like Dragan's... I'm sorry, I can't do this. I just can't. After the way Dragan got burned in the fat girl thread, I can't do this to him. I mean, did you see that? That was a third-degree burn. He had to be taken to intensive care.


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If you like fast cheap justice Australia is the place for you.


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Yep. Apparently everybody started PMing his friends asking if he did it.

Personally, the way he sounds in the BBC interviews indicate he's shot himself in the foot.


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Angry mob justice.

Anyway, the clouds of doubt are circling over Mr. Stevens. He might just be a very lonely, desperate man.

Sir Calumn

I never thought Mr Stevens seemed likely - these murders dont seem like the work of someone who knew and befriended the girls, more like random psychopathic attacks. And yeah, the guy does seem a bit weird, but to be honest they could probably compile a dossier like that on any of us by looking back over our browsing history. Imagine if Tom ever got arrested for something, the papers would have a field day :o