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In Febuary 2006 I began investing money online, firstly in FOREX (Foreign Exchange) trader in which you control all your money and decide what to invest in etc, basically like playing the stock market. Although this was a much more accessible way of investment, compared to the stock market you do really have to keep your eye on whats going on to make money.

The second, much more simple and lucrative venture I delved into was that of investing in an actually investment firm who make the investments for you. Those of you who may be in the know may think I am talking about HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs), which are often scams or ponzi schemes in which you are being paid by new members investments. Although I did partake in these, they are very very high risk and unreliable and I do NOT recommend these as it is very much a lottery whether or not you will get your inital money back nevermind profit.

Basically, after hundreds of pounds lost in scams etc I did finally come across a couple of sites that truly are profitable and really do invest your money. They offer a low daily interest rate compared to the HYIP's but are indeed an investment for the future. The customer support is also sublime, with daily e-mails keeping you up to date with your daily profits which may be convenient for many people, as this allows you the freedom of not having to login daily to check your account.

These two companies offer a daily interest rate of about 1.8% on your investment and also offer compound interest if you would like to maximise your profit, although if you do take up this option your money will be tied down for the full term of your contract but this can be changed at anytime.

Anyway, basically I was a skeptic at first but now I have gone from investing an inital $150 to $307.3, with todays profit at $8.95 (figure increase daily, as I use compound interest) since February in one and in the other have gone from $250 to $570.18, with todays profit at $10.63.

I firmly believe in these to companies and would like to share this oppurtunity with you. If you are interested or have any questions, just send me a PM

Thanks for you time,


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Your sig is way too big roofio. What an eyesore. Thanks for sharing a nice pyramid scheme that is taking your money at the moment and you need referrals, I think most of us will pass.


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It is not a pyramid scheme or MLM and I dont need referrals either. Its good to know that 2scoops of truth is so presumptious and thinks he knows what it is all about without any background knowledge on my investments.

No need to be so rude Brian, I am not forcing this upon anyone or putting links up in my post, merely putting it out there in case anyone would be interested.

But great post shokz! Loving your work! :lui:


Oh cut him some slack. He's been here since 2002 and hasn't been a spammer or troublemaker of any sort.

Investing money isn't a topic that comes up here regularly so be a little less skeptical and see where it goes.


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roofio86 said:
Its good to know that 2scoops of truth is so presumptious and thinks he knows what it is all about without any background knowledge on my investments.

Hmm? Oh that's me! Now let's go back to the Repor


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Thats the thing, you don't have to invest a large sum of money to see profit. You can invest as little as $10 at a compunding interest rate of 100%, by the end of the 7 month investment period you will have a balance of $137.70 which you could then use to reinvest for another 7 months period after which you will have a final balance of $1896.08

Although this is a long time to wait, considering you started with $10 I would not call this a bad return.

For all you who may think I am blowing smoke up your arse, her is my daily profits over the past few months.

As you may notice there is a big jump in profits from March 3rd to March 7th as they offered an alternative plan to investors which was brought about due to their recent investment in a drug relaing to the bird flu.

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions.


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So is this like a mutual fund that offers daily compound interest? So what you're saying is that you invest in the investment firm and they use your funds to invest into other financial securities while you make money off of the interest. Send a link to the site. I want to see what this crap is about.


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I have £1000 which I do not need to spend with any sort of immediacy, and you're telling me I could turn that into 10 grand in half a year by doing no work? Seems utterly ridiculous and surely can not be true. Until you actually have the money in your bank account I wouldn't feel so confident.

EDIT:- If anyone has any tried and tested genuine investment advice I wouldn't mind looking into it. Like I say I don't currently need the money for anything it is just sitting in my account.
well, if you have A TON of money, you should go into real estate, it almost always gives you some kind of profit since it is very rare for land value to go down. That is what I am looking at right now, where I live, there is a really big boom of people coming over from the cities(ny, nj) so cheap land now, should become wanted land in a few years.


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bigp said:
So is this like a mutual fund that offers daily compound interest? So what you're saying is that you invest in the investment firm and they use your funds to invest into other financial securities while you make money off of the interest. Send a link to the site. I want to see what this crap is about.

Essentially yes, that is what they do although I couldn't tell you what exactly they invest in, as these documents are only shown to VIP investors which you will become if you invest over $20,000.

As for your $1000 at the end of one investment term, about 7 months in real terms, you would accumulate $13,526.19 if you use 100% compounding rate. Although I would recommend if you did that you should set it to 90%, therefore 10% of your daily profit would be withdrawable, while the other 90% is reinvested just incase at some point your did required some extra cash to be withdrawn.

Feel free to ask any questions once again.
For those who would like a link, PM as I don't want to get done for spamming or anything :jap:


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I apologize for my earlier, hasty remarks. At a glance, this thread appeared to be some sort of scam. Poor decision on my part to post so quickly.


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I appreciate your post mate! I could understand why you may have thought that though, as there are many of these types of scams going around online nowadays but really, if I was a scammer why would I post on SG?! LOL! Surely I'd be on an investment forum of some sort!

Anyway, just wanted to shares this oppurtunity with you guys and feel free to ask questions! :ewan: