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Hi guys my name is Momo and i just started a fifa youtube channel and looking for some help . i get some decent exposition on youtube , i started 2 months ago and already have 16.000 views . I wish u can help me grow with your forum and give me some advices . Take a look and tell me what you think about


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UBJ3D;3686128 said:

my name is Damir, indy developer at UBJ3D.

We have developed an unique turn-based soccer game called "Fun Football Brazil 2014" for iOS and Android devices.

Would be great if we could get some feedback from you.

Remember our game is not even close to FIFA, yet it can be challenging.

Google Play

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that's a great game! :-)


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Speaking of addictive new football apps...

Check out

It's a new app only put on the store within the last week and it's similar to fantasy football in the way you have to earn points to beat your opponent. But, it's real time so you pick two players who earn points by completing passes, making tackles and scoring goals. You can then trade players with your opponents to try and maximise your score.

Completely livens up boring games!

I would recommend giving it a go for the mexico v cameroon game today.