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I'm a Chelsea supporter and I'm crazy about youth teams - I would play with the youngsters all the time! It's sad that FIFA isn't really good in creating young players from youth teams :( that's why I need mods!


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Hello Soccer Gaming !!!

Hello everyone,

I'm Zaitsev1979, I'm from France. Fan of Olympique de Marseille and SSC Napoli.

I happy to join your forum.

I create packs of chants for FIFA, I started since 1 year and I want to share this work with you.


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ADsuperjenius;3674447 said:
hi,my name is Braam and My face is more handsome than bradd pit or tom cruise

orTom Cruise? I'm guessing Tom Cruise in that case.


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Am gunz, a strong chelsea here because i desperately want tutorials on how to add new kits to my fifa 14 game,any help??????


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Hey I'm Brandon. My name GT on xbox is Hawkeyenation9 and I run many different leagues for different sports games, including fifa of course. I'm from the United States