Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]


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@ Ansem: wingers will not be a priority ... and Gio dos Santos?! are you kidding me? Schweini and Ribery are the only ones I would consider for wide options ...

anyway, there will definitely be a squad overhaul, no doubt ... the names of people leaving are fairly obvious ... the greatest needs include central defenders and one or more attacking midfielders / creative trequartistas ... replacements/back-up options will also be needed in certain areas (left-back, defensive midfield, EDIT: and definitely a striker -- more than just bringing Acquafresca back -- because Adriano's case is on the cusp of being closed, while Crespo and Cruz and Suazo will all go) ...

the team is already playing with a sense of indifference that indicates an acceptance of the fact that they will not all be together for too much longer ... it is more about wrapping up the Scudetto as soon as possible, maybe think about having a go at trying to overhaul the big first leg deficit in Coppa Italia, but basically looking ahead to preparations for next season ...


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Adriano has said he quits football for now, he said he'll even give up the salary and the contract with Inter if it's needed.
Football aside (and even here i wish him luck as he's a brilliant player), i hope everything will be ok with him, he's never been himself since his Father passed away, i can understand him, and i hope he'll find happiness in his life again. Hang in there Adriano!


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He needs to leave Italy for good, and play football where the spotlight isn't on him. He went to Italy when he was 18 years old.


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vitu;2650068 said:
Suazo might get a chance.

sorry vitu, but that is one of the unlikeliest things that could happen with the squad ...

Robert Acquafresca will return, and there will be one more striker added ... this will be:
- Fantantonio Cassano [though more as a trequartista role],
- El Kun [though I hope he stays at Atleti to keep them competitive],
- Quagliarella [very possible],
- Fabrizio Miccoli [again, support striker role],
- or even Didier the Drog [if he can be got on the cheap] ...

each one of those players on that incomplete list of probables is better than Suazo, so he will almost definitely move on (unless there are no suitors) ...


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kp40;2668608 said:
17 pages for 17'th title.
what language is the "18nt" on your sig?

anyway, congrats to Inter ... the title was a formality after the big lead they built up, but that is a testament to how much better they were than Milan and Juve, who really had no excuses this season ...

sure fans should celebrate, but the admin better not get distracted by it ... Mourinho's been saying all the right things: that Zlatan has to be retained, that there are only about 8 players in the whole squad who could realistically expect to play every week, that they could definitely have scored at least 2 goals against Man Yoo at Old Trafford but would not have had enough depth to win the competition outright, and that the deadwood will be trimmed, while key replacements and new acquisitions will need to be made ...

I have my list for who they should get, as does almost everyone else who is closely following Inter ... amongst the many names, Fantantonio Cassano is on it, as is Fabiano Santacroce, and Angelo Palombo, and the loan-return of Robert Acquafresca, while Achille Emana is one of the options I'd like to see considered ... suffice it to say that Diego Milito is not the calibre or age of player Inter need to be looking at ...


The Von Trapps
Internazionale;2669132 said:
Hoping Inter boys will do much better in the CL for next season.

there's going to be a very long summer of transfer activity before any judgments can be passed on the projected magnitude of Inter's Champions League challenge ... I plan on being in Boston to check up on the situation for myself ...