Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]


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Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, San Siro

Founded: March 9, 1908

Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza (82,955)

President: Massimo Moratti

Head Coach: José Mourinho (H)

Assistant Coach: Giuseppe Baresi

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History (Source:

1908: At the beginning of the century, Milan derbies did not exist. At that time there was only "Milan Cricket and Football Club" (now AC Milan). But on 9 March 1908, a group of rebels form "Football Club Internazionale Milano". The name of the club derives from the wish of its founding members to accept foreign players as well as Italians, hence the name Internazionale. Indeed, the first captain of the side is a Swiss player - Hernst Manktl. The club colours are gold, black and blue, a tradition which has been kept right up to the present day.

1910: Inter win the Italian league for the first time. The captain of the championship-winning team is Virgilio Fossati, who several years later dies in World War I. But even without Fossati, Inter win their second title in 1920.

1930: During the Fascist era, the club is forced to merge with the Milanese Unione Sportiva and the team wins its third Scudetto under the name of Ambrosiana Inter.

1947: Giuseppe Meazza plays the last of his 408 official matches in an Inter shirt. The Inter striker, who attains legend status with his 287 goals for the club, dies in 1979, and a year later the San Siro stadium is named in his honour.

1963: The "Great Inter" era begins. The club president is Angelo Moratti, the coach is Helenio Herrera and the line-up is unforgettable: Sarti, Burgnich, Facchetti, Bedin, Guarneri, Picchi, Jair, Mazzola, Milani (Domenghini), Suarez, and Corso. The Great Inter side win three Serie A titles (in 1964, 1965 and 1966 the latter is the tenth Scudetto which allows the club to wear one gold star on their shirts), two European Cups (in 1964 against Real Madrid and 1965 against Benfica) and two Intercontinental Cups (in 1964 and 1965, both against Argentine outfit Independiente). In 1964, Suarez wins the European championship with the Spanish national team.

1968: Burgnich, Domenghini, Facchetti, Guarneri and Mazzola contribute to the Italian national team's success at the 1968 European championship in Rome. Three years later, the Nerazzurri win their eleventh Scudetto under the guidance of coach Gianni Invernizzi.

1989: Inter win their thirteenth Scudetto in 1989, garnering a record 58 points from 34 matches (two points awarded for a win). A year later at Italia '90, Inter's German trio of Brehme, Klinsmann and Matthaeus win the World Cup in Rome. The same year, Lothar Matthaeus becomes the first Inter player to be awarded the prestigious European Player of the Year award.

1998: Ronaldo becomes the second Inter player to win the FIFA World Player award and the second to win the coveted Ballon d'Or. Inter lose out on the Scudetto after a long duel with rivals Juventus, but beat Lazio 3-0 in Paris to lift their third UEFA Cup. Frenchman Djorkaeff beats Brazilian Ronaldo in another prestigious match played in Paris - the 1998 World Cup final.

2006: In a repeat of the 2005 Coppa Italia final Inter beat Roma over two legs (1-1 at the Olimpico, 3-1 at the Giuseppe Meazza) to retain the trophy. Julio Cruz scores in both matches, with Cambiasso and Martins the other two Nerazzurri players on target. Two months later Inter are officially awarded their 14th Serie A title by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) after a sports tribunal strips Juventus of the Scudetto in the wake of the match-fixing scandal. In the 2006/07 season curtain raiser in August, Inter come back from three goals down to beat Roma 4-3 in extra time at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza and retain the Italian Super Cup.

2007: Marco Materazzi scores twice at Siena's Stadio Franchi on 22 April 2007 as the Nerazzurri wrap up their second consecutive league title with a 2-1 away victory over Siena. Inter secure their 15th Serie A title with five games to spare, with 26 wins, 6 draws and just 1 defeat from 33 games. Robero Mancini becomes the third coach in Inter history to win back-to-back league titles after Alfredo Foni (1952/53 and 1953/54) and Helenio Herrera (1964/65 and 1965/66).

Kits 08/09 Season: TO BE ANNOUNCED

Club Honors

National Titles

Serie A (16 Scudetti)
Winners (16): 1909–10; 1919–20; 1929–30; 1937–38; 1939–40; 1952–53; 1953–54; 1962–63; 1964–65; 1965–66; 1970–71; 1979–80; 1988–89; 2005–06; 2006–07; 2007-08

Runners Up (14): 1932–33; 1933–34; 1934–35; 1940–41; 1945–46; 1948–49; 1950–51; 1961–62; 1963–64; 1966–67; 1969–70; 1992–93; 1997–98; 2002–03

Coppa Italia (5)

Champions (5): 1938–39; 1977–78; 1981–82; 2004–05; 2005–06

Runners Up (6): 1958–59; 1964–65; 1976–77; 1999–00; 2006–07; 2007–08

Supercoppa Italiana (3)

Champions (3): 1989; 2005; 2006

Runners Up (2): 2001; 2007

European Titles

UEFA Champions League (2)

Champions (2): 1963-1964; 1964-1965

Runners Up (2): 1966-1967; 1971-1972

UEFA Cup (3)

Champions (3): 1990–1991; 1993–1994; 1997–1998

Runners Up (1): 1996–1997

Mitropa Cup (1)

Winners (1): 1932-1933

World-wide Titles

Intercontinental Cup

Champions (2): 1964; 1965

Current Squad​

Francesco Toldo
Júlio César
Paolo Orlandoni​

Iván Córdoba (Vice-captain)
Javier Zanetti (Captain)
Nicolás Burdisso
Marco Materazzi
Nelson Rivas
Walter Samuel
Cristian Chivu​

Dejan Stanković
Luís Figo
Luis Jiménez
Patrick Vieira
Olivier Dacourt
Esteban Cambiasso
Sulley Muntari
Amantino Mancini
Ricardo Quaresma​

Zlatan Ibrahimović
Julio Cruz
Hernan Crespo
David Suazo
Mario Balotelli

Did you know?
* Inter have never been relegated from the Italian top flight in their entire history, which dates back all the way to 1908; its century in the top flight (counting the upcoming season) is one of the longest unbroken runs of any club in the world.

* The current president and owner of Inter is Massimo Moratti. His father, Angelo Moratti, was the president of Inter during the club's golden era of the 1960s.

*Inter celebrated their 100th birthday on March 9, 2008 (Il Centennario)
Retired Numbers: 3 –Giacinto Facchetti, left fullback, 1960–1978

Club Anthem: Pazza Inter (Crazy Inter)

Let the new season begin! :D

Inter fans, please tell me if there’s anything mission or you’d like to add and I’ll gladly update! I haven’t done this page before, so please feel free in giving suggestions!



Team Captain
Thanks for creating the thread.
Mourinho has done well with the media so far.. trying to divert from pressure.


Senior Squad
Any transfer news? I heard Suazo is in Mourinho's plans. I hope he stays and get a chance to prove his potential.


Starting XI
Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it :D

Yeah Mourinho has been a very pleasant surprise for the media so far...definately is on their good side at the moment...but we'll see what will happen as the season goes on...

As for transfers we've been pretty quiet... aside from all the Chelsea rumors nothing's been going on...

I read that this week Inter is working out getting Mancini of Roma and Lampard...but apparently Mancini is too expensive...Roma are asking for too much...

@vitu: mate I actually heard the opposite, I heard Inter might give Suazo to Roma in exchange for Mancini...that would be sad since I like Suazo and I really want him to show his true potential, but that might be harder for him this season now that Adriano is back too...

So what do you guys think? any transfers you would like? What do you think about Mancini coming to us? I kinda wish we'd get Aquilani instead...


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Interista13;2542956 said:
@vitu: mate I actually heard the opposite, I heard Inter might give Suazo to Roma in exchange for Mancini...that would be sad since I like Suazo and I really want him to show his true potential, but that might be harder for him this season now that Adriano is back too...

I heard that too. The Honduran media keeps going back and forth with his news. Not too long ago they said that he had been given to Roma as part of the deal for getting Mancini but then 2 days after that they said that Mourinho had said that Suazo is in his plans. I don't know about Adriano staying at Inter. He might be loaned or finally sold. That would be good for Suazo.


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Quaresma is ready to be a new member of Inter!!!!

I read rumofrs that Stankovic and Solari will leave the club... I also heard the rumors for Mancini, good player but not my favorite one...

I cannot believe that Mourinho came at Inter without asking some guarantees to have some players... but everybody here know the style of Mourinho...

Regarding Adriano, I think that there's a lot of chance that he'll be exchanged or something like that... even if I like this player.


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Moratti named no names, explaining that "our targets are an attacking midfielder and one or two attacking wingers. Mourinho is not a demanding coach. He's not crazy. He's not interested in making useless interventions, but just a few targeted changes. I think he is very close to the team and he will certainly participate in the final decision about which new players will be part of the Inter project."

All is said... only some names are missing now... who on the left???


SG's van Bommel
Man, just heard : Lampard for 9 mil € and Quaresma for 35 mil € and Pele.. Isn't that too much for a player like Quaresma ? I mean he's a good player ...but still 35mill + Pele?


Starting XI
Yeah I heard that too about Quaresma...apparently Inter signed him and Lampard today but you can't be too sure...

I think 35 mil for Quaresma is crazy...definately not worth that much...Correct me if I'm wrong but Mancini was our first choice and I think Roma was selling him for 20 mil and we said that's too much? o.O

I kind of don't care about Solari seeing as how he wasn't that prominent in these past seasons, so I think it would be better for both the player and the club to part ways...

As for Stankovic...I like him and I'd like him to stay but oh well...if Mourinho thinks it's best for him to go then so be it...I wish him the best of luck...

I read that Mourinho is interested in Adriano and wants to see what he can bring to the team...I think he'll stay with us for at least the first part of the season, and if he performs well he will continue to he also wants to prove himself again at Inter, so hopefully his return will lead to some good! (Y)

Btw, anyone know if Eto'o is actually coming to us? I hope not :(

@vitu: LOL, yeah mate, it seems that every sports newspaper/media has a different version of the truth. I just read that Suazo might have been part of the deal to get I said I like Suazo but it will be even harder than last year for him to get playing time since all our strikers will be fit next season...and it Eto'o does come to Inter that isn't going to be great news to Suazo...if he doesn't get playing time at Inter though I hope he will go just because he has talent and I'd hate to see it wasted by sitting on the Inter bench...


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Ok we will see the total amount at the end of Mercato... But if they don't want to buy too many players... This amount for Quaresma is still acceptable.


Starting XI
I agree I don't think we need TOO many players...but I think Inter should be making a try for Alberto Aquilani of Roma...he could really bolster our midfield :D

I think our main priority this season in transfers is to strengthen our midfield at all costs...strikers we have plenty and the same for defenders...

Btw, anyone know what's going on with Recoba now? Will he come back to us?


Team Captain
Quaresma seems expensive but we definitly need a good winger and he's a great one. I hope the Lampard reports are true... will be awesome to see an Englishman in Seria A.


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Interista13;2543498 said:
Btw, anyone know what's going on with Recoba now? Will he come back to us?
I read some rumors about the interest of Espanyol Barcelone who wants him...
I'm not optimistic for the return of Alvaro :(

Fresh rumors regarding the left side : Didac Vila (Espanyol).... I don't know this player.... is he good???

Dah Shinin'

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All these big names connected with Seria clubs, Lamps, Drogba, Adebayor, Eto, Quaresma, Ronaldinho. Especially a few of them have been with Inter this could help the Seria A make a rise to the top once again. I hope some of them move to Seria A clubs. Waiting to see Mourinho and Inter this season.


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Well an English player needs to move abroad to get some experience. Might be better for the England team if more moved abroad! Get used to playing against better players