International Manager Mode Patch


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In this patch we have removed all FIFA club leagues except Serie A, Bund, EPL, La Liga, and Ligue 1 and the Champions League and Europa League are now the World Cup Finals and Confederations Cup. You will be able to take any National Team and progress through the real International regional and Intercontinental tournaments and qualifiers culminating with the Confederations and then the World Cup. If your worried about transfers then dont, like RC said only about 10 happen when you start the manager mode and they are only club teams.


1. Play with 1 of 185 national teams from across the world.
2. All teams equipped with kits, mini's, banners, flags, boots.
3. All major International competitions included.
4. Play in your favorite regional World Cup Qualifiers and if you make it through the World Cup Finals await in June.

Update 7/23: Sorry to say after much time and testing different ideas I cannot get all Confederations to work with the WC and because of this its just not worth releasing. Sorry for anyone who was waiting but I got 90% done and the most important part that completes the patch wont work

Tournaments List

AFC Asian Cup
AFC Asian Cup
AFC World Cup Qualifying
AFF Suzuki Cup
African Cup of Nations
Arab Nations Cup
Baltic Cup
CAF World Cup Qualifying
Carling Nations Cup
CONCACAF Caribbean Cup
CONCACAF Copa Centroamericana
CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying
CONMEBOL Copa America
CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying
East Asian Football Championship
Gulf Cup of Nations
OFC World Cup Qualifying
AFC League
CAF League
UEFA World Cup Qualifying
Intercontinental Playoffs AFC vs CONMEBOL
Intercontinental Playoff CONCACAF vs OFC
UEFA World Cup Playoffs
Confederations Cup
FIFA World Cup


RoughRunner;3063564 said:
so you play these in manager mode???

obviously if thats what the thread title says.

lordtom;3063636 said:
And how are you going to disable transfers?

not how are we, we have done it.

transfers only happen w/ leagues w/ actual clubs like epl, bbva, etc.


tisi_tc;3064102 said:
now usa beat brasil , you're happy , we're waiting for the patch everybody smiles

naturally we are happy usa beat brazil but that game should have been over in regulation time, sad & disgraceful show by the refs & the brazilian team in the last 10 minutes of extra time.

absolutely disgusting.

if i ever meet sep blatter ill be sure to knock his head clean off his shoulders for all the **** he has done to the american nts.

this sport is becoming a joke to me, there are no rules except to screw over teams that arent from spain, brazil, france, england, etc.
if you hold a seat at the top of fifa's organization your teams will never have anything to worry about.


Club Supporter
true....i'm from romania and i know what that means, but you should see what happens in my country and all the things in F.I.F.A. will look like a baby bussiness