International Expansion Mod FIFA 22 v1.0


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The successor of the Arab Expansion Mod, the International Expansion Mod is officially here. With more leagues, teams, and features in the mod than before, this mod strives for excellence.

Mod Features for v1.0 :

1- The National League as a playable league

2- Realism Settings and Transfer Settings Added

3- Volta Clothes, boots unlocked

4- 1447 Badge Options added into Create A Club

More Leagues, Teams, and Features to be added on in later versions

How to use the mod:

1- Download the mod file, squad file, and kitremapping files from soccergaming or the IEM discord server

2- Place the mod file in mod manager

3- Place the squad file in settings folder of fifa 22

4- Launch the game using mod manager

5- Once you are ingame, go to customize, then click on settings, then click on load squads, then load up the IEM squad file

This step is if you want to use a real team and not a Create A Club team

6- After loading up your career mode save, close the game, go to rdbm, load up your career file, go to the kitremapping table, import in the kitremapping table provided, and then save and exit

Your career mode save should now be ready


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Files :

Mod File :

Squad File :

Kitremapping table :


  • kitremapping official.txt
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An issue has been found with kits and it has been fixed

Updated mod file link :

Updated kitremapping table is also attached

You can still use the same squad file

Teamkits table link (place this in squad file) :

Btw I'm much more active on discord than here, so please join us on the discord server to receive the latest updates about the mod and all the important news firsthand

Server link :


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Updated Squad File that fixes the appearances issue :



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Update mod file that makes the mod compatible with all EA updates


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I have a problem with this mod , I follow the steps but I found not the new teams... for exemple the women club teams.
Where they are ?

Best regards


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v2.0 Out

Mod File Link :

Squad File Link :

IEM Addons :

Loose Transfer Settings :

Realism Scout Settings :

Kitremapping table attached


  • kitremapping IEM 2.0.txt
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IEM Mod Installation Guide Please follow these steps to install the mod:

1) Download the .fifamod, squad file and 'kitremapping' table from the │download channel.

2) Place the .fifamod inside your Mod Manager, and place the squad file inside the Documents \ FIFA 22 \ Settings Folder.

3) Press the 'Launch Game With Mods' button at the top of the Mod Manager, and place inside any addons you wish to use below the IEM mod in the applied list.

4) Once the game has loaded, go to 'customize', then 'load squads' and press the 'IEM' in the list.

Please follow these bonus steps if you wish to use an authentic team and not a create-a-club team:

Create a career save as you normally would. Don't panic if your kits are generic or are not correct: These will be fixed soon!

6) Download Revolution Database Master from the link provided in the │rdbm-link channel.

7) Open the software, and open your career file (use the 'date modified' column to find the correct one!)

8) Take some time for it to load, and navigate to 'DB1' in the top left corner, then look down the list of tables on the left until you find 'kitremapping'.

9) Press the 'import' button at the top, and navigate to where you saved the 'kitremapping' table provided by us.

10) Save and close the program. You should now have the correct kits for your save!

Permanent Link to join the IEM Discord Server to know more about the mod and to ask all your questions there



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NWSL, Swedish Superettan, Egyptian Premier League, Uruguayan Primera Division, 14 of Europe's best women's clubs, and around 35 Rest of World Teams
What leagues will you use to replace them with? Meaning which existing leagues will be gone because they were replaced with this new ones?


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What leagues will you use to replace them with? Meaning which existing leagues will be gone because they were replaced with this new ones?
Asian Leagues

NWSL replaces the A-League

National League replaces the ISL

Superettan replaces the Saudi League

Other leagues still undecided

Rest of World teams have been created from brand new leagues, and all teams so far are replacing FUT Teams, so no team has been actually replaced