Interista's 08 Kitshop


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it would be REALLY GREAT if that collars and captain arm's band can be adjusted to be compatible with fifa07 :p
and that's a nice brazilian home kit :)


make the whole Brazilian pack dude.I want to see how it looks like.


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Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate them!

Well, here is my completed Brazil Kitpack. May not be the greatest ever but I like it :p


Comments? (yes, I know the GK’s are a bit pixilated) :)


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Mates, I have a problem, and I was wondering if you could please help! I would like to start making some minis for my kits, however i do not know how to position them so that they will look good in game. And I also don't know how to give them a transparent background. Can anyone please help me??

here's a rather bad Brazil Minikit

Also, I have a few questions regarding o-edit. Is there anyway I could add or delete parts? Is there any way I could join parts? And is it possible to create more points in a part??

Thanks mates, and keep posting comments please! :D


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Good work Interista13, love the Brazil kits. The minkit for Brazil is better than you think. Great news about Hearts, thankyou :bob:


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many details are missing there on brazil
first, on the sleeves, the green thing on the bottom
the nike thing is very big on the shirt, socks and shorts
and on the back of the socks should go 5 stars


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Thanks Slowhand for pointing out those details! :)

So here is Brazil Updated


If these are good, can a mod please put them in the national teams kits sticky please? Thank you!

Hearts coming up next! :)

P.S. Guys thanks a million for your comments today, I appreciated them! Why, they were so many they seem to be invisible! :p

P.S. PLEASE can somebody help me with minikits? I appreciate it! Just tell me how to position them and how to give them a transparent background! Thank you!!

Víctor Marcao

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I don't like the Brazil GK, and the logos are too near in the front, but the others are good. ;) So how can you make a transparent? Use Magic Wand Tool, with this function you can cut the background. Very important, that you save this as png file. And the positions; here is an example:
I hope that this helped. (Y)


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Mate that is what I did! I used the magic wand, saved it as a png, but in-game it still has a white background...

My minikit looks to be in the same position as yours...

Can you please be more specific about what you hate in the GK's, so I may change them if you'd like?

Other people's comments are much appreciated!! :)


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Yes mate, I also have resized it to 128x128...

I guess I will try again tomorrow, and I'll post some screens...

Anybody else have more suggestions please?


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Listen up 07 users because THIS is simply an AWESOME discovery!!!

Are you guys bored of the 07 player model? Do you wish you had the updated 08 one? D you wish you could use all of these 08 kits in FIFA 07? Sounds impossible, right? Well, I found a way to do it!!! That’s right!!! FIFA 08 kits compatible with 07!!!

Here’s proof (look at the template, which is ONLY for 08):

Here’s how I did it: Do you remember that 07 graphic trick I discovered? (Yes, I swear I’ll post instructions). Well, I wondered, would it work if I were to insert the 08 player model o-file for all the 07 player model o-files? So I tried, and it worked. The I opened CM07 and inserted the Austria Magna and Basel 08 kits that I made. Well, as you can see by the SS, it worked.

However, there are some things that must be worked out to make this work. As you can see the collars are an issue. So are the GK gloves. Captains armbands don’t show up either. I will try to solve these problems but I AM NO MASTER AT O-Edit so…please if someone wants to help please please contact me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an awesome discovery (I think) for those who still play 07…if we get around these problems it will work, but I need help!

So, what are your opinions on this? Should I continue or give it up
Can you open the thread in 07 forum explaining all of this? It sounds really cool.

But if you change the fifa07 ofile for the 08 ofile will kits made by fifa07 still work?
I am not an expert in oedit so i think i can´t help you very much.
Please continue with this:amika:


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See mate, that is the problem, the 07 kits will not work because the 08 file is mapped differently...

That means if you insert the 08 model in 07, you MUST use 08 kits...(I think)

So technically, it's not really worth it, because if you'd put the 08 model in 07, you would have to change EVERY SINGLE kit in 07...

Not worth it in my opinion...

However I promise I will post my updated graphics trick! :)


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Ok, here is hopefully my FINAL Brazil update

I really tried on these kits, and I made some with mesh, and some not. To see the differences between the kits you must zoom in to see the mesh. For example, home kit 2 has a nicer effect on the shirts ;) I added mesh on all the shorts though

H- H2 (mesh)- A- A2 (mesh)- GK

Please people, comment! I need your opinions so I know how I could improve to make better kits! :)

If these are could someone please add them to the National Teams Kits Sticky. Thank you.


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It looks nice,but tommorrow i will do for you some big pictures with this kit in reality to add all details... ;) Keep making mate.And post them on Fe forum too.Thanks.