Interista's 08 Kitshop


Senior Squad
Very sad news indeed. You are one of the best kitmakers.
Could you at least make FC Porto kits please? You said you wiould make them.


Senior Squad
could you please make this argentina gk kit
is the one for the olimpic games and road to world cup
sorry but this photo is the only one i can find, is in your hands

another one

thanks and good luck


Reserve Team
Someone I explain this, please?
The Interista vai stop creating kits for the game FIFA08.
Or will never do this again. I say that the versions will come of FIFA09, 10, 11 blabla

Because I'm not considering anything! hahaha


Staff member
He will make no more Fifa 08 kits, but he might make some for Fifa 09... in either case, he will soon stop making kits at all. Ok?


Club Supporter
Please ! This new kits ! You are Amazing !