Interactive leagues!


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Hi all can any1 please tell me what the score is with the interactive league thingy on ps3 above online league?? is it something we can play somehow or what its confused me:S ? by the way contact thelordspawn to enter his new 32 man league!!


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when the teams play in real life you play. i.e in EPL theres no EPL games this week because of internationals. so therfore if u want to play a EPL team in interactive team there wont be any games to play becausde there isnt any games in real life.

so say in real life Man U faced Arsenal next saturday next saturday in the interactive league you will be able to play as arsenal vs man u or vica versa and theres a certain time period you have to play that game.

and all the wins/losses you get while playing a team in interactive league go to the teams record.