Inter Milan vs. Juventus [P] & [R]



Its like this..

Juve are 9 points ahead of Inter.

If Juve win, it would erase every little iota of hope the media tries to rekindle to make the title race more interesting for the neutral.

If Juve lose, it would give the media something to talk about for a few days; invent some crisis stories, hype Inter up as always... the usual.

If Inter win they will surrender some points soon enough while Juve will come back even more determined. If Juve win, its just another win... Inter also need to worry about Milan overtaking them. Juve have nothing to lose. Good position to be in.


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3-1 for Inter. Juve are gonna come out trying to look casual and hoping to contain Inter, and Inter are gonna struggle during the first half an hour or so. but as soon as they find an opening, the floodgates will open.

Adriano x2, Figo, Trez for Juve

but, whatever happens, I'll be happy... if it's a draw, Milan can gain ground on Inter, if Juve win, same as above, if Inter win, then we'll prolly not gain any ground, but it's always fun to see Juve lose (H)


Starting XI
Serie A - 11 feb 2006 - 15:33
I convocati per Milano

1 Buffon
3 Chiellini
4 Vieira
6 Kovac
7 Pessotto
8 Emerson
9 Ibrahimovic
10 Del Piero
11 Nedved
15 Criscito
14 Balzaretti
16 Camoranesi
17 Trezeguet
18 Mutu
20 Blasi
21 Thuram
22 Bonnefoi
23 Giannichedda
25 Zalayeta
28 Cannavaro
32 Abbiati

I think it's going to be


*could be pessotto here, or balzaretti to the right and chiellini to LB, it's the only unconfirmed position, i prefer the above formation


Senior Squad
Official Starting Lineups

INTER: 12 Julio Cesar; 4 J. Zanetti , 2 Cordoba, 25 Samuel, 3 Burdisso; 7 Figo , 14 Veron, 19 Cambiasso, 5 Stankovic; 10 Adriano, 30 Martins

Subs: 1 Toldo, 8 Pizarro, 9 Cruz, 18 Kily González, 20 Recoba, 23 Materazzi, 33 Wome
Coach: Roberto Mancini

JUVENTUS: 1 Buffon; 14 Balzaretti, 21 Thuram, 28 Cannavaro, 3 Chiellini; 16 Camoranesi, 8 Emerson, 4 Vieira, 11 Nedved; 9 Ibrahimovic, 17 Trezeguet

Subs: 32 Abbiati, 6 Kovac, 7 Pessotto, 10 Del Piero, 18 Mutu, 20 Blasi, 25 Zalayeta
Coach: Fabio Capello


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all Juve so far, Julio Cesar's makin some good stops, Camoranesi a constant threat



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ask inter? i dunno what was wrong with anything zlatan did. juve getting favoured thats a joke isnt it? soon zlatan will be out due to accumulated yellows! yet again :(


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Adriano scored, bu he took the free-kick direct, but he should've kicked it indirect. So it doesnt count. :) Wasnt a free-kick anyway. Chiellini's leg wasnt straight and it was clearly on the ball.


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man adriano great free kick pity he didnt think that it was indirect. arr who cares im happy still 0-0. but as juventino said there was no yellow for chiellini. he got the ball the inter players efforts were worth an academy award nomination!