Inter Milan - FC Porto - CL 2nd Leg [P] + [R]



Good to see the biggest overachievers in the history of the CL and maybe even modern football out of the CL.

Adriano scares me :(


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What Porto fans have either failed to grasp or have chosen to ignore deliberately is that we played two terrible legs with Mancini's choices in tactics and players, yet we still beat you and created goal-scoring chances to have made this fixture as bad a blow-out as the Lyon-Bremen one if not worse. We're not a counter-attacking team yet we destroyed you with it when we were levelled, up and reeling from that scramble goal in the box. We played down to your deplorable level of football, that was our biggest mistake. Overly cautious and rather uncreative on the attack.


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Not a bad game, and Inter deserved to go through. But if they want to beat a stronger team they need to put their chances in the net, they had do much 2 on 1 chances but somebody always ****ed it up.

About Adriano a great hattrick that will surely give him some confidence but he needs to work on his passing.


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****ty game otherwise, the linesman was a ******* blind man, he miscalled about 5 offside calls. Other than that, Inter need to get their **** together, the team wont get far as it is, they dont have the game to do it. and Porto was just pure ****.


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Originally posted by Mikey
Youre the kind of Porto fan that makes this win all the sweeter.

Inters first goal was crap??? than what were Porto's 2 goals in this tie?? a bad goalkeeper blunder on the first, and a mad scramble poked in on the second, class goals(Y)

hey you little freak...I never said that Porto scored class goals...or do you can read it in my POSTS?!?!?

The first goals was lucky! I never said that was crap!

INTER=CRAP...and the goals=LUCKY!



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haha oh man :funny:


Originally posted by IceBlu
Good to see the biggest overachievers in the history of the CL and maybe even modern football out of the CL.

Next time you feel like saying something of that sort against my team remember Porto and Juventus have the same number of CL and Intercontinental cups won. ;)



Ya good times, half my Portuguese friends weren't man enough to show up on MSN after game.

hey Infesta, thats sig is a beauty (Y)