impressing the coach

im a forward and im not gona brag but i know i have skill and im a good player, the season is starting and i missed about 5 of the first days of practice because i was sick. Since then the coach didnt know if i was playing or so, so it seems like ive been out of his plans since i havent been there. Now i want to show him that i should be in the lineup and i can help win games, i had my first practice back today and i did pretty well but at the beginning i was playing with the weaker players and it was too easy. When i got to the normal teammates i did just as good, it seems the coach doesnt know what to do. What can i do to impress him to break into the lineup? its seemed hes pissed because i didnt go to the practices and i let him know i was sick with a doctors note and everything.
Show him that u could be also a good player out of field, and keep training hard and doing good practices. Maybe he think u are not constant and if u are not constant even if u are a good plaer he is not gonna use you in starting line up.
it was alrite i had my first scrimmage against another team today, he played me often but didnt put me in the starting lineup at the beginning, i had one goal and a few good times. Hopefully hes taking notice. Thanks for the tips.