If you want your PES faster or slower you MUST READ THIS!!!


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Originally posted by ::..Federico Debla..::
I've figured out how to use it.
But, I have the same video card as Ben and I could run it at 800x600 with high details....neither at 720x480 with high details.
I don't have the Double Speed option, and I have installed Konami's latest update.
See ya!
Don't install the konamis updates, it will slow down the game, but I mean it will run at 60fps but skipping frames unlike the out of the box version which runs smootly if not better then XBOX!!! it happened to me, and I only have a GF2 Graphics Card!! and if you still have slowdown problems at the out of the box version due to old system specs then install PES3_Acceleration_Patch.zip (17k) and it will speed up the entire engine.