ICONS and 'returning greats' mod


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So, I've created a mod that brings the ICONS and a batch of players from the past into kick off and career mode...

Hope you enjoy and let me know who you want for version 3...
Great idea, great work!! i tried it but your mod goes in conflict with some my others mods.. :-( is possible to put your legends in a career started yet..with Live editor? i would not restart a nu one after thousand of changes :nape: thank you bro.


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Great work! :D ...as long as I manage it to work :(
Frosty gives the following message so I'm unable to see the faces (which are not F19 Icons) in the game:

(WARNING: Mod was designed for a different patch version)

If I can make this work some way I'll happy.


By the way, I'm missing Marchisio, for example.

EDIT: Ok, I went too fast: I managed to make it work despite the message. So, I'm oficially happy :D

Once again: Great work! I'll follow if more is coming soon and let you know if I miss any other player from previous games.
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