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    Hello friends!, before that nothing I ask for pardon, since I am Spanish and do not speak Englishman, I use an Internet translator to write this, pardon because these translators often are not so exact as one quisierĂ¡. Good it would be necessary someone who still had FIFA 10 PC and quisierĂ¡ to help myself, I have a league in FIFA 10 PC, that does not appear in any FIFA and me would be charmed with spending it to FIFA 13 PC, but I do not know like do it, so the way of editing of FIFA 10 and FIFA 13 is different, I know that it is enough work, but if alguie could spend my above mentioned league to FIFA 13 PC, he would have it grateful. If someone can help me to contact me hereabouts, or order me private message. THANK YOU P.D. If he speaks Spanish is easier everything and if not by means of the translator.
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    This task is almost impossible. If you would like, I can assist you once I've finished my FIFA 13 patch.

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