I-League (India) East bengal home kit


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This is my first kit, i am creating kit for Indian teams so this is my first attempt
I saw that we could use wwww's old CMP patchs but Kit is not coming in fifa 2009, so i created on from old kit.

My fifa is crashing for a few times after i installed a Asia world cup patch tried reinstalling but nothing is happening can someone help//

This my first attempt cill pill if its not that great
Please do give me some pointers


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you're prtty good at making kits I see. But billy has already made the latest East bengal kits... Perhaps you can start doing the ones we dont have yet.

I'd say we satrt with Churchill Borthers, the I-league champions. If you need photos I can provide.


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I have East Bengal, Dempo, Mumbai FC, JCT.

If you can get the ' MODELS' sponsor picture for me, i can get the sporting kits done.