Hurrah! Half-decent youths at last!


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Well, after about a month of getting and then getting rid of youths, i finally got a fairly good batch of 10. Won't be getting rid of these ones ;)

Got a good potential keeper if he hasnt maxed, one with 4 ball control, 3 shooting/tackling, and another one with 2 balls in pretty much every area. There are a couple of 3 ball shooters which aren't in the pic.

Here's the pick of the bunch:


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lol yeah. I thought about training him as a keeper but I'll just train Shade (top left) instead.


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jem looks like a gem ... :( ... ok that was a terrible pun



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can you blame me... its 11:30 pm saturday night and i should be clubbing, or drinking somewhere.... not on my damn computer arghh....


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My previous best was a 6-ball tackler (he maxed, but i sold him for 200k) another 6-ball tackler (sold for 250k) a 6 ball striker (sold for about 300k) and a 5-ball maxed keeper (250k)

That was a good batch, that one ;)