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FIFA07 Xbox 360 Players Guide

FIFA 07 on Xbox 360 has enabled the development team to create a game that now emulates the real sport more closely than ever. The way the players and the ball interact with one another has been given a new layer of realism due to the extra processing power of the next generation console.

One of the key changes has been to give the ball its own unique physical properties just as in real life. Freeing the ball from the constraints of a traditional animation engine of most sports games now means that the way you approach playing is also very different.

This guide has been designed to enable you to make the most of the new improvements and revolutionary new features.

New FIFA: A new way of playing

For FIFA 07 on XBOX 360, everything from the artificial intelligence (AI), animation and physics engines has been re-designed. FIFA 07 is a different game and a new way to experience football game.

Three main changes in the pad mapping:

First, the button configuration on the controller has changed to offer a more ergonomic and friendly way to play.

Switch Player is now LT button. This will offer more coordination between player switching and passing situations.

Changes have also been important on the defensive side as Player Press is now the A button and Secondary Press is now on the B button.

Tactical approach

The different difficulty levels available in the game include Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro and World Class. Each setting makes FIFA 07 progressively more challenging depending on the skill of the gamer. Setting the game on Amateur will present the simplest challenge. Opposing teams controlled by the CPU are slower to react and less inclined to capitalize on the gamer’s mistakes. At the other end of the scale, the World Class setting will see the CPU controlled team employ cunning tactics and punish the gamer for any lapses in concentration.

Choose the Amateur difficulty level for a fast and easy to handle gaming experience.
Semi-Pro forces you to learn the more advanced tactics and controls while Pro and World Class levels require a more strategic approach.

The pace of the matches in FIFA 07 on Xbox 360 is also close to real football. The tempo of the each game is slower and player movements take realistic physical momentum into account so that the game experience as a whole is as close as possible from real life.

Tip: Learn to build your attacks patiently, avoid rushing forward and leaving yourself open for the counter attack and dont hesitate to use a back pass to enable your players to reposition themselves and be ready for next offensive phase.

Unpredictable game experience

For the first time in a football game, the ball is a completely independent entity with real physical properties. Force applied to the ball, air resistance, friction and collisions are all accurately replicated as in the real world.

The new ball mechanics impacts the game experience to the point where any situation in the game will be completely unpredictable. Just as in real football, anything can then happen as the ball can be deflected or miss-controlled leading to unexpected and exciting situations.

Dribbling [View Quicktime Video]

The dribbling in FIFA 07 on XBOX 360 enables the player to trigger a huge variety of turns based on the distance of the ball. The player will be able to move naturally, shift his weight from one foot to another while combining changes in pace and direction. This ensures a great level of responsiveness and believability.

Attributes, Player Context and Momentum

In FIFA 07 on XBOX 360, players have 35 new attributes over previous incarnations of FIFA. Furthermore, it’s possible to have further refined specific traits among the 43 pre-existing attributed. Those characteristics determine how players behave but also how well they perform their actions on the pitch. For example, those attributes define how well the player accelerates, shoots or dribbles but also how strong or fast he will be.

The context the player finds himself in also has a big impact the resulting action. Pressure from defending opponents and the position and stance of the player influence the success of the intended outcome. A player being jostled for possession of the ball will have far more difficulty accurately passing a ball or shooting on goal than player in space.

Just like real life, the key to mastering the game is to create space and opportunity for your players. Draw opponents out of position with passing moves or pick out visionary passes to create the best shooting opportunities.

In addition to the individual player attributes, team momentum, or how well the team is performing during a given match, will also impact how well the players behave on the pitch (see momentum).


In FIFA 07 the gamer has the ability to pass the ball at different distances based on how long he is pressing the pass button.

If the gamer taps the pass button, the ball will go to the closest team mate. If the button is held for a longer period of time the ball will go to a team-mate who is slightly further away, bypassing the closest player. If the gamer simply holds the pass button down without letting go, the player will perform ground pass to the player furthest away.

It is possible to change the pass assistance level in the menu.

The attributes of the player in possession of the ball will determine how accurate, fast and the success of the pass.

Tip: The gamer can set the pass assistance to “none”. This way the gamer will be able to perform manual through pass with the A button.


Lobs are ‘lofted’ passes that are more difficult to master than ground pass. They enable the gamer to pass the ball a larger distance in a short time but with less accuracy. Lobs have a low level assistance and are harder to execute just like real life.

The player context is also taken into account as it will influence the accuracy of the lob. The lob system in FIFA 07 on XBOX 360 is more rewarding for experienced players as the success of the pass is determined by the gamer’s ability to use the controller. Accurately guessing the pressure and length of time when pressing the lob button has an important impact on the gamer action.

Of course, player attributes and context the passing player will affect the accuracy of the ball but also how fast the ball travels in the air and how easy the ball is to trap. The longer the gamer holds the lob button the further away the ball will travel.

Trigger runs [View Quicktime Video]

By pressing the LT button and directing the left analog stick at a team mate during a match will manually trigger that supporting player to run into space behind a defender. This move is a fundamental attacking tactic used in real football matches.


Trapping the ball refers to how a player stops and incoming pass. The more accurate the pass and the higher the technique, or ball control attribute, of the receiving player will determine how well the ball is trapped. The more accomplished the ball is trapped also as a direct effect on the subsequent action, whether passing or shooting.

Loosely controlling the ball, where the ball travels away from the receiver, presents an opportunity for the defending opponent to steal possession. Furthermore, when the ball is not controlled it will make it harder to strike the ball cleanly when shooting or passing.

Should your player find themselves under pressure when waiting to receive a pass, it’s possible to move towards the ball to trap the ball early and avoid losing possession. If the player is not being impeded by an opposing player and is facing the right direction, the player will go to the ball.

Rather than controlling the ball, you can direct it into space to beat defenders closely marking the receiving player by using First Touch. To perform First Touch, flick the right analog stick in the direction you wish to direct the ball.

The purpose of the First Touch is to beat closely marking players, playing the ball into space for your player to run on to either to continue the momentum of an attacking play or provide a shooting opportunity.

Depending on the force you are using on the right analog stick, it will determine how far the ball will be kicked. The attributes of the player and context will make the ball more or less difficult to achieve the results the gamer requires.

Tip: If your player is sprinting for example the ball might go further away after the trapping.


Like the lob, FIFA 07 on XBOX 360 enables a greater variety and level of control when crossing the ball just as in real life.

The crossing system also has a lower level of CPU assistance. Plus, even when the player attributes and the context of the action are taken into account, it is very much down to the individual skill level of the gamer as to how successful the cross will be.

The player ‘footedness’, or which is their preferred foot, will also impact the accuracy of his cross.

There are three types of crossing the player can perform:

Normal Cross. A medium height, lobbed ball into the Penalty Area. [View Quicktime Video]
Low Cross. A low height lobbed ball. [View Quicktime Video]
Ground Cross. A a ball played along the ground across the goal mouth. [View Quicktime Video]

Choosing the type of cross is important depending on the context of the action. A Normal Cross will travel over intervening defending players. A Low Cross is difficult to defend against but has a high chance of being intercepted. A Ground Cross is even more difficult to defend against but has an even higher chance of being intercepted.


In FIFA 07 on XBOX 360 there are many different way you can strike the ball during a shooting opportunity. These vary from normal shots, power shots, ‘finesse’ or controlled shots and chip shots as well as headers and volleys.

The player attributes, footedness and context will affect the accuracy of the shooting.

The finesse shot enables the gamer to more accurately choose the area of the goal to place the shot. However, what is gained in accuracy is lost in power and it also requires more time and space to execute successfully. The gamer needs to depress the right shoulder button during the entire shot until the ball is kicked.

For volleys and headers, the timing is crucial. If the gamer presses the shot button too early then the shot is more likely to be made after it has landed on the pitch. If the gamer presses the shooting button too late, the ball is more likely to have a high trajectory and miss the trajectory.

[View Quicktime Video 1] [View Quicktime Video 2] [View Quicktime Video 3]


Defending is not simply a matter of successfully tackling a player in possession of the ball. Just as in real life, player positioning and reading the potential plays is crucial to stopping the opposition from scoring. Below is a list of the elements that need to be considered to master good defensive tactics.

Good Positioning: Maintaining your team’s ‘shape’ and ensuring your defending players are covering their respective areas of the pitch is the way to ensure the best possible defence. Use the Slide Tackle as a last-ditch option to avoid committing your defender early and opening up space for the player in possession.

If a player attempts the slide tackle and misses the ball, it takes time for that player to get back into position. As a result, you defence loses its shape, increasing the chance of more attacking players overwhelming your defence and providing an attacking opportunity for the opposition.

Manual Tackle: If the gamer moves the defender close to the player in possession without pressing any button, and if the player is in a good position, the player will perform a standing tackle normally dispossesses the attacking player. This is the best way to defend against an attacking play without losing shape.

Pressure & Press Tackle: By pressing the A button, the gamer instructs his player to press the player in possession, closely marking and harassing them. The defending player will tackle as soon as the opportunity presents itself. The gamer does not need to give any direction to his player as he automatically tracks the ball. Despite its numerous advantages, press-tackle leads to more fouls as the player will be less accurate in his tackling.

Secondary Press: Secondary press calls a second defender to help mark attacking player. For that the gamer needs to press and hold the B button. The tactic is useful for closing down players in dangerous attacking positions but also drags defending players out of position. The second player will always sprint to the ball handler in an attempt to dispossess the player in possession.

Slide Tackle: By pressing X button, the gamer can perform a Sliding Tackle. It is useful to reach the ball when it is slightly too far away from the defender but it can also increase the chance of Yellow or Red cards and a dismissal.

Offside Trap: By pressing RB button, the defending gamer will instruct the defenders to move forward and attempt to catch the attacking players offside as the ball is passed forward. This tactic is especially effective against teams pushing forward looking to score. However, incorrectly timing the move will leave your goalkeeper exposed in a one-on-one situation with a striker or another Forward.

Skill moves

In FIFA 07 on XBOX 360, dribbling will enable you to trigger skill moves and beat defending players.

Brutal Stop: [View Quicktime Video] By pressing the RT or RB button without giving any direction with the left stick, the player abruptly stops. This helps keep control of the ball and unbalance the defender by abruptly changing the pace. RT makes the player stop and maintain the direction they were originally travelling. RB makes the player stop automatically face the opponent goal. [View Quicktime Video]

Change Lane: [View Quicktime Video] Release the direction control and turn 90 degree left or right as the player is slowing down. This is best employed when a defending player is approaching the player in possession from directly ahead at pace and with a little bit of space between the two players.

Knock On: [View Quicktime Video] Tapping the right analog stick while dribbling the gamer will be able to knock the ball into space. This move is best used on the Counter Attack or when a defending player is about to tackle to either unbalance the opponent and beat them or draw a foul.

Stop and Go: [View Quicktime Video] Hold the sprint button and release the left stick while dribbling and the player will briefly stop. Move in the original direction again with the left analog stick and the player will perform a Stop and Go as he will move on sprinting again.

Feint: [View Quicktime Video] In the middle of a 45 degree turn, use the right analog stick to flick the ball in another 45 degree direction [View Quicktime Video]. This is difficult to perform but is very effective to dribble past an opponent.

Context Skill Moves: In FIFA 07 on XBOX 360, the fact that the ball is completely independent enables the gamer to perform a myriad of unique and unscripted skill moves based on context (the player attributes, the position of the ball and the gamer input) of any given situation.

For example, the ball could be chipped over the head of the receiving player or he could juggle the ball several times after performing a successful trap. The more you play the more you will be able to see and reproduce those unique and exciting moves.

Set plays

Finesse Freekick:[View Quicktime Video] During a direct freekick the player can perform a Finesse Freekick by holding the RB button while shooting. Hold the button to make the ball to curve more and ‘dip’ over defenders making up a wall during direct freekicks. However, the ball travels much more slowly making it easier to save unless completely on target.

Adding Curve: By flicking the left analog stick as the shooting button is released the player will add extra-curve to the shot. Player attributes will affect the ball speed, trajectory and curve.

Player traits

In the game there are 43 different traits that will make the players behave like their counterparts do in real life. The traits are most evident when the players are controlled by the CPU.

Player Traits

Traits will determine player behaviour of the players while controlled by the CPU. Traits like Long Shot are given to players like Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard who are renowned for scoring goals from outside the penalty area. A player like Ole Gunnar Solskjær will for example have the Super Sub traits as he is known for often having a positive effect on a match after being introduced as a substitute.

Don’t forget to examine each player profile to discover what trait the players in your team have been attributed.

Off The Ball Movement Traits

Some players are known for their specific positioning. Roberto Carlos, for example, is well known for his overlapping runs from defence. As a result, you will often find him in a position supporting the players on the wing or pushing forward as a wing-back.

Thierry Henry, by comparison, is known for drifting wide during an attack, almost as if he was a winger or part of a three-man attack formation. As a result, his Off The Ball Movement Trait is defined as Push Wide.

Take time to read the profiles of the entire team to discover how best to deploy them and tailor the tactics for maximum impact.

Formation Editor and Coaching Options

As a coach of your team you will be able to define how you want your team to play. The Formation Editor will enable you to modify the base formation you have chosen and position your players exactly the way you require.

As in real life, the coach will also be able to set the Offensive Run option for individual players. When in possession and there is an open space the players with the option turned on have a high probability of performing a run toward goal, creating attacking opportunities.

In contrast, as in real life, the coach will be able to set the Defensive Role of the player. A player with this option turned on is more likely to stay back when the rest of the team attacks to halt a Counter Attack if possession is lost.

Setting either an Offensive Run or Defensive Role will have an impact on the player’s stamina and energy levels. For instance, setting a left or right-back with the Offensive Run option will mean they will have to cover more ground as they push forward to support an attack but also ‘track’ back into defensive positions.


Team Momentum refers to both the positive and negative effects of different incidences that unfold during a match. Your team scoring a goal or creating a number of shots on target will improve your team chemistry giving a boost to your players’ collective performance.

However, conceding a goal or having a player sent off will often demoralise your team and affect your players accordingly.

Your Team Momentum is broken down into two sub-categories:

Total Momentum (dark green)
Instant Momentum (light green or red).

Total Momentum is determined by the overall score line as well as the player individual player performance. If the gamer plays or manages his team well (scoring goals, assigning players to their natural positions and judiciously substituting them), even if the team is losing, this total momentum will increase.

Instant Momentum is directly influenced by how well the individual player is performing at that particular movement. The quality of the gamer’s passing; dribbling or defensive moves will affect Instant Momentum. If the gamer fails to use a particular player well enough, his Instant Momentum will decline and be shown in red. Furthermore, eventually the collective negative momentum from the entire squad of players will affect the Total Momentum.

Both types of momentum affect the overall attributes of your players. The higher it is more, the more confident and efficient the players will be and vice versa.


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As i said in other post, i think that the demo that we played from the xbox live belongs to the Tokio Game Show, and there´s months ago from this. I had saw videos from the X06 on Barcelona and it seems a bit diferent, more refined, not slowdowns in cutscenes, and sure, i guess that in the final version it will be tricks.

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Aragorn said:
As i said in other post, i think that the demo that we played from the xbox live belongs to the Tokio Game Show, and there´s months ago from this. I had saw videos from the X06 on Barcelona and it seems a bit diferent, more refined, not slowdowns in cutscenes, and sure, i guess that in the final version it will be tricks.

Take care

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Mate, it says in the first post (the announcement) that there are tricks with nocking the ball around, changing lanes, stop-goes etc, but tricks per se as in current gen Fifa 07 performed with the trick stick are NOT in 360 version... There will be context based tricks but no tricks you can perform whenever you choose so...

This may not be that bad thing after all when I think about it... Tricks were overused by both AI and online players anyway... This way the game will be more random, realistic and "harder"... I actually quite like the sound of all this!


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Miki23 said:
Mate, it says in the first post (the announcement) that there are tricks with nocking the ball around, changing lanes, stop-goes etc, but tricks per se as in current gen Fifa 07 performed with the trick stick are NOT in 360 version... There will be context based tricks but no tricks you can perform whenever you choose so...

This may not be that bad thing after all when I think about it... Tricks were overused by both AI and online players anyway... This way the game will be more random, realistic and "harder"... I actually quite like the sound of all this!

Yes, yes, i know it. When i say that there´s 2 different demos i didnt meant that there it will be current gen trick moves with the right stick. I only meant that may be in the final game you can realized more about this movements, and not like in the demo itself.

And agree about that it make it more real, but, for me, almost 1 or 2 tricks are necesary, like bicycle, elastica or marseillese roulot.

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