how to use the WEditor.exe


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btw, does anyone know how I can add a player to a team using WEditor cause I wanna add kaka but im not sure how...


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i loaded the file already
then edited some tatics and saved
but the tatics still dun appear in the game..
y is that so?


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yes i have heared too about that WEditor, but i don`t get it`s work? It doesn`t create.edit the option file?! It can edit pes.exe file?! I don`t get it`s way of editing!


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Originally posted by superfedeleo
Yep, you have to delete the option file!
You can't add new players, just replace the presents with new ones.

thanks but i want to know wich file does WEitor edits? Option file? I heard it edits pes.exe file (i have to open an pes.exe file to start editing)???


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Hi I didn't wanted to create new thread about it to avoid "do search bud !" replies ;)

I searched some threads about WEditor and I don't understand few things. In this thread Wolf said:
Regarding the pes3.exe version, it should actually matter because once you delete your old option file and use this new edited pes3.exe, the game will ceate a brand new option file with all the transfers and everything in it. Then you can either just reapply the official Konami patch to the new pes.exe file or put your old one back in as the option file will have all the changes.
Editing players (their appearances, abilities etc.) is easier and faster with this tool (WEditor) so I wanted to change some things (especially boots coz on default most of them are just black boots No. 1)
I use latest Wolf option file 2.0 (yes I know there is 2.1) and pes.exe file from the same pack. When I run WEditor, it appears list of teams etc. but they don't have changes which I did until now manually in game using Edit Mode (eg. changed boots).
I deduced it use just pes.exe file to editing game, and NOT the option file with savegame.

After changing boots (example) in WEditor, changes appears ingame only when I remove my old Option File. OK. But what happen with the rest of stuff ? I see that rosters are correctly (from old pes.exe file).
But when I do manually some edit ingame (Edit Mode) and after closing my PES I run WEditor I can't see them!
I see just changes I did with WEditor previously.

So my question is: is there way to edit game by using both of method (WEditor and Edit mode) ?
I know I can do some changes with WEditor, but if I apply it I have to delete my present Option File.
If I do some changes with Edit Mode, I can't see them in WEditor.

Please person who knows wtf is it about some clarify - thanks.


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NO, when you edit with weditor it edits the EXE.
Ingame edits the option file, which is a copy of the exe the first time you run the game without an option file. After that there is no cross transfer of info.


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So this is the conclusion:
I have to

- remove/delete my Option File by Wolf
- edit some stuff (rosters which didn't was updated eg. Polish team, boots etc.) by WEditor
- save it to the exe file and run the game
- game will create new Option file, based on my changes

If I'll do any other changes during game in Edit Mode it will be nonsense, because when I'd like to change the rest of options in future (rest of boots, faces based on face tutorials which numbers of concrete parts of faces to easy set to the game) in WEditor I have to delete my present option file to apply these changes.

Also I wont be able to use any newest option files cause I'll lost all changes done in WEditor.

so bad...


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Yes, however you can use new option files as they won't mess up any weditor changes, however some of the players\teams etc might be messed up due to player ids etc


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New option files won't mess my present changes but its make them unvisible. If I'll create with WEditor for example, new players called A, B, C, D, and they won't be included in new Option file I will not be able to play with them and even see them so I'll have to create them from beginning, in Edit Mode, once again.

still bad...

but thx for the answer, someone have to write new program or modify existing WEditor which can edit option file either.


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umm, I don't know if this is a dumb question or not, but whenever I try to open the WEditor I get this...I know I did something wrong or haven't done something, can someone help me?...:(


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dowbnload the ocx from the net!
Correct and there doesn't seem to be any movement on an option file editor.
Alos, if you edit the option file to create players A,B,C,D etc then download a new option file they won't show up either


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ZéCarlos: I don't have any ocx file in my PES 3 folder and it works fine

Jim, seems I must update any future rosters/transfers by myself 'cause I don't wanna change all of boots and faces again and again
Latest Wolf Option file is nearly perfect (nearly - it doesn't have existing squad of Poland for example, I don't know what about the rest but it looks ok) so I'll stay with it.

Maybe someone would write some kind of "Option file import/export editor" somewhen...