how to make cmp patches to work in manager mode ?


Starting XI
I downloaded the BiH1.0 patch (bosnian league) and it works fine, but when i try to use it on manager mode, it crashes :S same thing with the russian 2nd division, ukranian 1st and 2nd division and belarus 1st division (extracted from the megamod10)...

so my question is ... after we donwload a cmp (or we make one), what do we need to do make it work in manager mode? is it tournament linking? is it to put the trophies ? is it to put the country and the flag ?

hope u guys can help me (: cheers =D


the leagues must have a banner, country map, & trophy.

just because a league is in your game doesnt mean there is a league or tournament for it in your fifa game.

in cm10 make sure the imported leagues have a league in tournaments tab. if it
doesnt create one, assign it the leagues id & select get teams from league function.

finally tick appears in career mode, & save.

make sure the teams from the league you import have their primary & youth players set to a country already
in game such as spain, italy, etc, so you dont run into youth player problems after the season ends.

that league should now be in manager mode & functioning properly.