how to install kits in 08?


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lol, i see a lot of many great kits around...but there aren't actually any program to import kits...

so i don't know how they are able to import them !


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Follow this steps

1 You need the next tools:

- Biggui or file master for explore zdatas
- Fshed for editing fsh files
- Fifa08 fatbh builder

2 Open biggui or file master and look for the zdata_xx.big in your fifa 08 instalation path and open the file (In the zdata_xx.big --> xx is the number of big file)

In the zdata_xx.big file find the fsh files for the kits the similar to this example 75__X_0_YYY.fsh (In the 75__X_0_YYY.fsh --> X its the type of the kit 0 for home 1 for away 2 for gk or 3 for third kit, and YYY its the team number) and export to your desk

3 Open fshed and open any *.fsh file you can see the kit, you can replace with any kit (512x512 *.bmp file) just importing, updating and saving the change.

4 Again in biggui replace the original *.fsh file with your updated *.fsh file, compress and rebuild. This step for each *.fsh file that you want change in the demo or game.

5 Finally Run fifa 08 fatbh builder and you are done!!!



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gaming access said he will release Kitraptor 08 by weekend. he said hes getting his copy tommorow. sos ometime this weekend he it will be released :D


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you can use Kit Raptor 07 just install it to the FIFA08 directory and also install and execute fatbhbuilder08 after importing kits


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you can use KR 08 demo with updated list of teams
but that makes no sense just wait for the program