How to import "CompositeMeshAssets" in order to edit Stadium models?


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Hi all,

I have managed to easily export fbx models, and their relevant texture, in order to re-assemble a stadium into Blender. Here is an example of "generic_british_large_194":


I have replied to another thread with other modders taking part, illustrating how to find and export these models, it is in the Madden section of the forum. We are exchanging ideas as it seems more active that this forum (unless you are on Patreon for some reason).

There is however a problem when editing and reimporting these models in Fifa Editor Tool. The very limited editor will throw up a "Only Rigid and Skinned Meshes support importing."

As this asset is a "Composite Mesh" it will not import into the editor, hence greatly limiting stadium editing for Fifa 22.

Is it possible to import a Composite Mesh into another editor? Please let me know.