How to config manually your gamepad


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I have a Logitech Rumblepad 2.
I want to be able to switch player with button 2 and also to pass with button 2.
This is not possible in 08 because now button 5 its set to switch player or the right analog stick.
I want to continue to use button 5 to call 2nd defender and 2 to pass the ball like in 07. In 08 is not possible because 5 its set to pass and to call 2nd defender. :(
Is there a way to manually set your buttons to what ever you want.
What if I pass the configuration file of 07 to the folder on 08 will this work?
Is there a file to edit this like in 07?

PLS help thank you.


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I was wondering the same thing as you...

In the Folder "My Documents/FIFA 08/user" there's the file devdata.dat which contains the info of all the supported devices to play in fifa 08.

I have the same pad as you (Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB), and tried to manually set it up but i haven't figured out what i should modified in order to get the pad working as i want it to be...

So, if anyone has a "HOWTO MODIFY GAMEPADS MANUALLY", would be apreciated it...


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I downloaded this tutorial, it worked with Fifa 2006 &2007.

This is from a word document which I could not attach to this post so I copied it and posted it as is I hope you can make sence of it.

Gamepad Configuration
a tutorial by Rinaldo Zocca

This tutorial explains how to configure your gamepad modifying the file devdata.dat.

Step 1: Know the name of your gamepad
First thing to do is to see the name of your gamepad, go in the control panel and search the name of your gamepad: in the example I have “Logitech DualAction USB”

Step 2: open the devdata.dat
Now you should find the devdata.dat. Go in the folder FIFA 06\user under your Documents folder. It should be there. If you have not a devdata.dat then it will be used the devdata.dat in the folder \EA SPORTS\FIFA 06\data\input uder your Programs folder. Open the file with notepad.

Step 3: find your gamepad or add it
All the names of the gamepads recognized by FIFA are listed between two square brackets, eventually separated by vertical bars. Search your gamepad. Pay attention that the name must be exactly the same that you have seen in the control panel, for example if you find
[Logitech Dual Action|Logitech Dual Action (USB)|Logitech Dual Action USB]
It is not the same as “Logitech DualAction USB” because ther is a space between Dual Action (this is what happened to me!)
If you don’t find the name of your gamepad don’t worry. Simply add a line inserting the name of your gamepad like this
[Name of my gamepad]

Step 4: uderstanding and modifying the data structure
Now you can see same data below the name of a gamepad. I have coulored them in order to recognize them better:

[Logitech Dual Action|Logitech Dual Action (USB)|Logitech Dual Action USB]

The line
defines the sensibility of the gamepad and usually you can keep the default values without problems.

The blue stream is used for navigating the menu. The green stream is used for playing. The Red one I don’t know. There is not any reason to have them different, so you can replicate the same stream three times

Now let’s go to see the stream structure, they are triplets of numbers separated by commas. The numbers themselves are separated by vertical bars. The 2nd and 3rd number of each triplet identify a special function in the game as described in the following table.

Standard key Function 2nd and 3rd number
W Through Ball \GK Charge 0|2
D Shoot\Conservative tackle 1|2
S Pass\Switch Player 2|2
A Cross\Long pass\Sliding tackle 3|2
Escape Escape 8|2
5 numericpad Change mentality 9|2
Q Trigger run 10|2
Z Cancel\Dummy move 11|2
Unknown 12|2
E Sprint 13|2
C Pace control\Walk defense 14|2
Shift First touch 15|2




The first number of each triplet is the “identifier” of a control on your gamepad. Changing the first number of a triplet you change the control assigned to a specific function.
Unfotunately the control “identifier” is not a standard and so the only way to proceed to try.

Let’s see an example




0|2|2, Assign key 0 to Pass\Switch Player
1|0|2, Assign key 1 to Through Ball \GK Charge
2|3|2, Assign key 2 to Cross\Long pass\Sliding tackle
3|1|2, Assign key 3 to Shoot\Conservative tackle
4|10|2, Assign key 4 to Trigger run
5|13|2, Assign key 5 to Sprint
6|11|2, Assign key 6 to Cancel\Dummy move
7|14|2, Assign key 7 to Pace control\Walk defense
9|8|2, Assign key 9 to Escape
8|9|2, Assign key 8 to Change mentality
10|12|2, Assign key 10 to Unknown
11|15|2 Assign key 11 to First touch

Now you can start to modify the data according to your preferences. When you start the game you will have your gamepad enabled and with the default setting that you have choosen.

Good luck!


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I have Gembird jpd-dualforce and I try all that but I have not shift key :(
Can any one help me ?
Sry for my english :S


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quattrocchi;2435276 said:
i suck at this
please help me
i have a Genius Maxfire g12u Vibration

than ks

Need help with right analog stick too. Changed device name to "Thrustmaster vibrating gamepad" and now I can make special moves and switch players with it, but cannot switch to the GK ...


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Hey there!

I have the same problem with gamepad. I use original PS2 gamepad + USB Converter. I did everything like the tutorial says and now the right stick works for tricks but "the push in" still doesnt work so I cannot control my keeper at free kicks what is very annoying. Can somebody please help me?? I would be really grateful!


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I have a problem with my gamepad to....
I have a genius with 8 works really fine but i have a little problem..
I can't play multiplayer with it because i don t have a space button on it and i can t advance to game...:(.....

can somebody help me please? :(