How to build stadiums?


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Nice looking one. I have noticed that you have some bug with the railings. They should be orange, but some part of them is black. Check them in blender if there is doubled meshes.
About that light bug... it could be the adboards sometimes. Test the stadium without them. Also if you have some part that have very thin mesh face unwrapped in the lighmap. The problem is that if this mesh is too long or too thin, the baking process can't cover it and it stays un-baked in the lightmap (ambient texture). This results in rgb lighing bug as well. Either split the object as @RavenFCB said or make the ligmap bigger size, like 2048x2048 or something...
I noticed the black textures as well. I don't mind because it actually gives the stadium sort of a worn out look, which fits. But I'll check again for double meshes.


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Guys, is there any tutorial on how to add tournament dressing into the stadium?

There is a tutorial by Kotiara. Actually not a tutorial but a video on how is he working on that, and for me is hard to understand because it is not showing from 0.

I don't care to have the whole stadium with dressings, but at least some parts to keep hame realistic. Especially because of European tournaments.

I want to add for example to Trabzonspor stadium. They are in CL qualifiers and they will probably play EL at least, but their stadium is kind of basic. No graphics.


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I did it in blender, appending stadium dressings from other stadiums and placing it in the new stadium, working good but needs a bit of work.


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I know that. But how to do placing and editing-stretching, curving depending on the stadium's location.

I tried using Kotiara's video but it's really hard because he used a lot of keyboard shortcuts in a blender.