How much would u buy him 4


Youth Team
age 23

skating 3
passing 2
shooting 2
keeping 3
puck control 2
checking 4

value is 32K

and If I get a good offer will put him on the market

otherwise what would u reccomend I do with him?

Could be a decent keeper or defender
Maybe train as a defender and use him as a reserve keeper in case of emergency? get him some more keeping? what?

I have only started this season so not got much in the way of competition for places in my lines


Youth Team
If you wanna make money train him in keeping, maybe you could get 3 pucks beofre he's 26.

What's his power? If he has a couple in power train him up to 4 or 5 the restart on checking, could be a handy player, depends on what he trains like though.

If you put him on the market I'd give you 20k


Youth Team
he has 0 for all skills not listed such as Power

Otherwise yeah would be a good defender

If is only worth about 20K then won't sell him for sure. Guess just train him up as a keeper or defender and sell in a couple of years


Youth Team
If he's got no power and is 23 years old then he wouldn't fetch much at all really but even so if he's at the top of the training list for power then you never know