How do you make gameplays for FIFA?


you have to play w/ the each parameters values, testing one by one & seeing the change it brings in game, then as you move along you will get a better understanding of what each parameter controls hence learning the functionality of the parameters, leading you to a better understanding of how to edit the ai.ini.

its a long progress, you may look at a parameter & think it is one thing only to find out it is another, really read the parameters, as titles can be deceiving.

its a long trial & error process.

i cant really teach you much as i dont know the exact values limits to keep the game from crashing recrero.

my suggestion would be playing w/ individual parameters until you get it the way you like it, then move on to the next parameter as working w/ too many at once creates confusion.

master one first then work the next, thats how i learned.

i asked many of the ai modders the ? you have recrero asked, & didnt really get any
useful information.

i guess the editors took the time to master their skills, having to learn on their own,
so i can understand not wanting to share their secrets & knowledge.

if you are confused as to why you have changed something & you cant see it in game pm me, & ill try to explain each parameter as best as i can for you.

i can also tell you what not to change as it will cause problems in game, & keep certain aspects of the ai from working properly.

because sometimes changing one parameter will have an effect on a different parameter.

ill help you the best i can.